African Vogue Joins Facyber Partner Network

African Vogue Joins Facyber Partner Network

Africa’s leading cybersecurity training firm, First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber), is happy to welcome African Vogue Ltd as a new partner in our business. African Vogue now has the rights to represent and market Facyber products and services in Nigeria focusing mainly in its region.

Facyber has a very expanding network in Africa, from Namibia to Cameroon, as partners use our technologies and solutions in their cybersecurity and digital forensics education. We continue to deepen that network and if you are interested, please indicate interest. You would be required to pay a one-time franchise fee.

At Facyber, we deliver solutions which can be integrated into HR training to deepen corporate cybersecurity awareness initiatives. Besides, our cybersecurity services cover policy, technology and management with relevance in key industrial sectors and markets. The training program has three classes: certificate, diploma and nanodegree.

Igbinedion University Nigeria offers Nanodegrees on our cybersecurity programs.

Congratulations African Vogue. We wish you a profitable New Year.

Sample Facyber certificate



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