My Nigerian Ministers of the Year 2017 – Finance, Investment, CommTech, Agric

My Nigerian Ministers of the Year 2017 – Finance, Investment, CommTech, Agric

As the year draws to a close, the following federal ministers of the Nigerian nation are My Ministers of the Year – 2017.

  • Minister of Finance – Kemi Adeosun: She has tirelessly worked to reform the structure and nature of Nigeria’s finances. Her efforts on processes demonstrate a clear vision to build enduring institutions. From TSA to improving the nation’s tax revenue, this woman has served her nation, at the highest level, excellently.
  • Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Audu Ogbeh and Heineken Lokpobiri. Mr Ogbeh may not be fashionable, but he is building a system that connects a new generation of Nigerians into farming. He is pushing reforms to make it possible for farmers to become business-people, by phasing out elements of the broken Anchor Borrowers Scheme without clear enablers. A strong advocate for farmers, under his watch, the nation has pumped money into agriculture even as he mobilizes citizens to embrace agriculture. Mr. Ogbeh is strongly supported by his junior minister Heineken Lokpobiri.
  • Minister for Communication – Adebayo Shittu. Barr Shittu is the hardest working minister in the cabinet. There is nothing he has not touched. He is working to reform many government businesses under his ministry despite obvious challenges before him. But you cannot blame him for lack of trying. From reforming NIPOST to NigComSat to starting an ICT University, Barr Shittu is everywhere. The impacts may not be obvious because he is tackling all these without much budget. But you can see a man that is action-oriented, doing all to make real impacts.
  • Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment – Okechukwu Enelamah and Aisha Abubakar: The duo of Mr. Enelamah and Ms Abubakar are working to establish one of the most promising trade agreements in the history of Nigeria. As they do this, they are helping to dismantle all the ills of doing business in Nigeria. People just have to give them time. Anyone registering a company today will know that Corporate Affairs Commission works better. The recent uptick in the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria is a clear sign both are working.

That is my opinion, as an entrepreneur and a citizen of Nigeria.


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9 thoughts on “My Nigerian Ministers of the Year 2017 – Finance, Investment, CommTech, Agric

  1. These views may only be useful as feedback and serving as good encouragement for the incumbents. Opinions may get people into political biases or other subjectivity and thus opinions alone not a strong measure of performance or leadership. The art of getting things done otherwise known as execution is an area that requires improvement across Africa. Keep up the good work!

    1. “These views may only be useful as feedback and serving as good encouragement for the incumbents.” That is the purpose. It is not science, totally subjective. But nevertheless, I believe in any class, there is always a first, even when everyone has done well or not well. Thanks

      1. Alright then @Ndubuisi…. send them directly this feedback. Are they reading this? How sure are you? Your thinking divides leaders into two categories: poor and good. And this by the way is predominant in Africa wherein leadership is viewed from opinions and the camp one belongs….. Our problem is not an abundance of poor leaders, but the universal acceptance of good leaders—and the assumption that they cannot be any better. This assumption is simply false as Good is not equal to Great. A seemingly small change, but one that can have a huge impact on the success of nations and organizations.

        1. Do I accept that you agree with me? Yes, I am saying even in a class where everyone failed, one person is the top of the class. But these people here, they are serving Nigeria. They may not be perfect, but I give them credit. Kemi is also good as anyone out there in the world. I have not met her and have no interest meeting any politician. But what she had done in TSA, tax revenue, etc must be commended.

          1. I’d rather not go into a debate since this kind of your opinions have been with us since independence….. Leadership is broken and our experience in fixing it has fallen short. Commendation is a good thing generally. The problem in your effort is the universal acceptance of good performance. In a class example there is always a standard of measure….

  2. The only people working in this government are CBN governor,Emefiele, Ibe Kachukwu,minister of state for petroleum,Wabote of nigerian local content board.


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