myCash Simplifies Social retailing, Tracking and Sharing Expenses


MyCash is an avenue for you to keep track of how much is going out of your pocket at a granular level. Lets you find informaton concerning purchases of goods that you already made. It enables you to get direct and factual information without too much speculation concerning a purchase you intend making.
This idea was conceived in Garage48 Lagos where it was pitched as follows:

MyCash – For people who track their expenses: people who need to budget (eg. students) can track and share their expenses. Through sharing others can also find good deals on the products and services or just the fact that the purchase was made. A mobile app.


Team members: Odeyemi Kayoed, Ogundana Stanley, Ajibola Aiyedogbon, Baruwa Lekan, Tunji Jabitta, Stephen Ohakanu


Twitter: @mycashg48

Facebook: MyCash

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