Mysifty –a Nigerian Startup Simplifies Social Media Experience by Consolidating Your Networks

The social media is crowded out there. Enormous time is wasted on it? You cannot just get out of it. It needs much of your time to stay connected and engaged. It is taking too much of your time to sort out the noise. Everyone needs your attention and most times people complain you are not offering it. Too bad? Do not worry.  Nigerian startup, Mysifty (good name guys) has got good news for you.

The team created MySifty to allow you sift through your social media by prioritizing the best of the best. We hope MySifty helps you get the most out of your social media life!

Hope it does. The team needs to do more work on the Interface. This is a good vision and they must not allow it to become .gone. If you provide that simplicity and consolidation, many people will come immediately and use it. There are competitions out there in people’s efforts to simplify web social media experience, but anyone that gets it right will surely have a great laugh.

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