No Need to Drive into Lagos Traffic – Lagos Startup Got Tech Solution for You

Traffic is a new website that helps people report traffic in Lagos and major roads and possibly will help you to avoid traffic.  Traffic solution is developed at helping reduce stress on Lagos road by providing up-to-the-minute traffic status in the state. According to the site, “the reports are crowdsourced from road users like you who voluntarily post traffic status in their respective areas. Our data is available across various platforms; mobile, web and SMS.” . These are the roads that are covered, presently.

This is how the service  works works through 3 key areas; Desktop Web, Mobile Web, and SMS.


On our homepage; we have live feed of traffic situation across country (Lagos for now). The results are extracted from all the sources; web, mobile and SMS. Twitter extraction coming.

To Report Traffic Status

Type the road/area you want to report, as you are typing it shows the full spelling of the road, select the road where it starts (“From” where there traffic status start) to where it stops. Nigerian roads are usually separated by bus stops while some are one way; if it’s one way or you don’t know the particular bus stop, just type where it starts, our program takes care of the rest.

To view Traffic report

On the homepage, on the “View Traffic Report From” you can see live data coming in, to view report for a particular area, just type the road/area on the box provided it will auto complete if the area is covered, click view and you the report displayed.
You might also want to view separately, click on “Road” click at the top link on the site, choose the road you want to view report from and it will be displayed.

Alert Subscription
On the home page, click subscribe, fill the form.  Then login to the members’ area.

  • Click “My Route”
  • Then Add Alert
  • Choose road/area you want to receive alerts from.
  • Then select the medium through which you want to receive the alerts; Email, Twitter or SMS
  • Select time you want to receive the alerts
  • Click subscribe

With the “View Subscription” click on the page, you can view all your alerts, edit and delete them accordingly. All subscriptions are free!
All our services are for free for your use, feel free to explore our world.

Mobile Web

If you visit, you will be shown the mobile version of our site, and you can perform all actions above.


Well, the way it works is you send and SMS with “traffic” keyword to: 07026702053 with the information you want to retrieve about a certain location.

Example to notify us of traffic status;

Type: Traffic status Adeola-Odeku to Ahmadu-Bello is free

Send to: 07026702053

Example to get traffic report:

Type: Traffic report Ojota

Send to: 07026702053

You will get response about the status of your message. If you are requesting report, just send the above message you will get the to and fro report about the specified area.

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