Kenya’s KenCall Supports The World – Training Brings Performance

Kenyan graduates are supporting companies in US and Europe who used to go to India but have found a cheaper alternative in Africa. KenCall is the company behind this and they got quality to prove it. Awards keep coming and Africa is just starting.

This year KenCall received the Highest Commendation Award at the Call Centre Focus European Awards. This is following  its win last year as Best Non-European Centre. The award was given for KenCall’s high levels of client satisfaction, professionalism, innovation within the call centre sphere and impressive success in a relatively new outsourcing market.

Providing clients with world class operations, KenCall focuses on developing high skilled employees with an in-depth understanding of client business, products and services. Its quality assurance processes and intensive training ensures its services meet and exceed client expectations. Its detailed documentation illustrating every procedure within KenCall ensures we can provide consistent and reliable procedures and deliver exceptional customer interactions every time.

It sounds great that graduates in Kenya can do this. It means training overcomes all challenges. Hope West Africa can do this and let the outsourcing competition begins. India, we are coming after your jobs.


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