Nations Rise When Pioneering Entrepreneurs Emerge; Time for Nigeria.

Nations Rise When Pioneering Entrepreneurs Emerge; Time for Nigeria.

Nations rise when pioneering entrepreneurs emerge to make this equation come to pass:

  • Innovation = Invention + Commercialization. 

Without those pioneers, the capacity to combine factors of production to set a new basis of competition and fix market frictions stall. Interestingly, most nations always have those pioneers before they can advance. In other words, the state cannot be optimized before the emergence of these pioneers. 

Why? It is through the wealth created by these entrepreneurs that the wealth of a nation is built, and through that wealth, the institutions of states are advanced. Nigeria cannot advance until it can produce great pioneering entrepreneurs, Aso Rock or no Aso Rock. Fixing Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power,  will go through markets because only markets fund the promises of politicians.

Before the American steel industry, Carnegie had to emerge. Before the US energy sector, Rockefeller existed. From JP Morgan to BY Mellon, men were ahead of the government in setting the ordinance of  US banking. Nigeria cannot have it the other way around: the government has never led anything and we cannot expect everything to be anchored by bureaucrats.

Like Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry, which emerged without any memo to the government, our pioneering innovators must do the same in other sectors. Even in China, the rise has gone through markets, specifically its state-owned-enterprises, an invention in its market systems.

Pioneering innovators, we are waiting for you to transform Nigeria and Africa.


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One thought on “Nations Rise When Pioneering Entrepreneurs Emerge; Time for Nigeria.

  1. The faces on the photo will need to expand soon, this time with much younger folks.

    With regard to pioneering a sector, another sector: showbiz, will have a different playbook soon. And that is what Mhagic ( is poised to do. How do you make ‘reality show’ and ‘talent hunt’ location agnostic using web and technology?

    It promises to redefine venture capital, talent sourcing, and market system, all rolled into one, while entertaining, educating and inspiring the people.

    And it’s created in Nigeria, by Nigerians! This decade belongs to finest thinkers and innovators from this continent.

    Fasten your seatbelts, the rollercoaster is about to begin…


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