Ndubuisi Ekekwe Celebrates 100k LinkedIn Followers

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Celebrates 100k LinkedIn Followers

Good People, let me thank you all for taking me above 100k followers at LinkedIn. That is now a city, well more than a village. And all connections are natural and organic, by looking at the level of engagement. Thank you!

My experience in LinkedIn can teach someone something: I joined around 2007 while in grad school. I posted something on a small scholarship I received. Someone said I was showing off. I deleted my account as I could not understand the attack.

My Ghanaian brother Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA asked me to come back. I came back, and I wrote an article, and another person said he was telling us he was “smart”. I deleted my account again. But at the end, in 2016/17, I rejoined and decided to manage the bad species. I took off the Scripture Union vest and now an Onitsha market fighter! Today, it is fire for fire!

This is the message: you need to be in charge of your mission. Do not allow anyone to dictate it. And if you have not followed Ndubuisi Ekekwe, make this place a better place by following me. In college, I edited and published FUTO Bubbles, a print magazine as a student. When you write, you have liberation. Thanks for the opportunity to do just that.

My wife, Ifeoma, said yes because I do write nice poems also! She wants to be getting them all the time. And she does. Thanks.


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5 thoughts on “Ndubuisi Ekekwe Celebrates 100k LinkedIn Followers

  1. I didn’t know that you had been deleting your accounts, interestingly – we connected in the middle of one of those attacks, it was some time in March 2017. The post was about how advancement in semiconductor chips could be likened to modern panadol, you even cited that your mum informed the bishop, to ascertain if you had started challenging your maker…

    I saw the post, with all manner of comments, I commented, and I also noticed that you could write well and manage conversations, and so I connected. I watched the growth from little over 2k to 10k, to 30k, and then 50k, now 100k mark breached! It was purely organic growth, authentic and unadulterated. Just by creating and delivering uncommon value, people kept congregating, and it went from kindred to village, and now around the size of a small city population.

    Let me say that I might have run away once more, if we never connected in 2017, my account largely hibernated for five years prior to then, because it was hard to really see contents good enough to keep me here, it was yours that finally chained me here…

    Congratulations, as we look forward to 500k followers, keep them coming.

    1. Thank you so much Francis Oguaju. You gave me a super-assist that is very invaluable at LinkedIn. The conversations we have here do not drive Followership easily because they are academic; many do not have time for them. But with your assist, it was easy for us here to find our space. Thank you.

  2. At first when one get to see all the post it looks like show off. I got the same attack. I write and many told me they don’t read the content because I am showing off!

    I know my intent, they are pure so I ignored!

    People would always talk so why care as long as you’re damaging humanity, keep up the good work.

    You inspire and I love that!

  3. Congratulations Prof. for crossing the 100k mark. I started following you early 2019 and I must say you really changed my mindset when it comes to business management. Most of what I know today in business management is through your post which I read daily. You have really mentored Young Business Leaders and Keep mentoring us. I look forward to listening closely to you when I enroll in the 5th edition of the Mini-MBA next month. You are indeed a Movement Prof and have impacted much lives including yours truly. 500k followers loading…


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