Ndubuisi Ekekwe Joins The Boards of Infoprive and eSentry

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Joins The Boards of Infoprive and eSentry

I have joined the Boards of Infoprive and eSentry. Both are category-king cybersecurity companies. It is super-amazing what we plan to do in Africa’s cybersecurity and digital forensics domains. I connected with Infoprive, a leading PCIDSS compliance service firm in sub Saharan Africa with critical IPs in cybersecurity, in 2018, when the firm retained my practice to serve it. Today, Infoprive serves some of the most critical companies in West Africa including some of the largest banks in the nation. eSentry is a managed security service provider with a focus on continuous security monitoring, threat hunting and analysis, incidence response and cybersecurity compliance. These firms have strategic partnerships.

I welcome the community to reach out and explore how we can support your cybersecurity and digital forensics needs. There is something awesome: any company that is an active client to either of Infoprive and eSentry could have their staff enrolled free to take First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) certificate courses on Cybersecurity Management, Cybersecurity Technology, Cybersecurity Policy, and Digital Forensics. Yes, as we deepen your digital infrastructures, we also want to ensure that all your manpower have the necessary knowledge base.

Contact my team and our Infoprive and eSentry team would be out to serve you. Here are the complete solutions of what Infoprive and eSentry offer.

  • User Identity Management : This system would facilitate the identification , authentication and authorization of users/ individual on the infrastructure / network . It would ensure the integrity of all users and actions by capturing who logged on to what system and filter who has access to what resource.
  • Endpoint Protection System : enables the detection and protection of end -user systems /workstations and servers from threats such as ransomware , malware in real-time.  As cyberthreats continue to increase , the user and endpoints have progressively been targeted .
  • Network security system : Ensures the protection of systems interacting within the network . This helps to limit the zone of coverage /accessibility within different segments of the network as well as provide visibility traffic patterns in order to decipher when there are anomalies .
  • Perimeter/ Gateway security system: Enables protection from the internet and other connected and “untrusted” third parties . Keeps out the malicious actors and content while also filtering what internal users are permitted to send out.
  • Database Protection system : Data is key to most business and the repository / database where such data is housed need adequately tracking of who has access to what data  and what actions are carried out on such data . This system provides all these functionality.
  • Web Application Protection: Provides real-time protection for web sites , internet portals against constant threats and attacks that are common place on the internet . Also provides analytics of where web services are accessed from and what kind services are accessed the most.
  • Security monitoring and response service : provides a situational awareness of what is happening on the IT infrastructure and the ability to respond effectively to any detected threats or attacks in real-time.

Infoprive – A Leading Digital Security, PCIDSS Compliance Firm in Nigeria


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