Ndubuisi Ekekwe Opens Application for “Private Client Services: Startup Growth”

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Opens Application for “Private Client Services: Startup Growth”

I have opened applications for a new batch into my Private Client Services: Startup Growth. This service offers founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs 24/7 access to me. We talk over hard business things, strategies, growth and wins. We bring our people, invisible but great, to make those wins happen. This call is global as PCS  has founders from the United States, Germany, Nigeria and beyond. If you are an innovator and doing something amazing in any part of the world, you would like to be part of our portfolio. You have an option to be completely “invisible” with no one knowing we are working together. When banking talks of private banking, we talk of private client services for startups, and if you get in, we charge no fees.

We work with unrivaled tenacity, bringing all our assets and networks to ensure growth takes place. It is hard to get in because we do not accept payments; we win only when you have won.

As you build, we want to work with you. Though we come with humility to learn on what you do and have done, our value addition is unbounded.

We have advised Fortune 100 CEOs, and some in the richest 1% club. You will like to build with me. If you run a startup that utilizes technology, and looking for an invisible growth-maker, click and email my team with a description of what you do, or simply send us a link of your website.


Remember to Apply to Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s “Private Client Services: Startup Growth” – Have 24/7 Access to me.


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