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Ndubuisi Ekekwe Takes Equity And Joins BeepTool Board (Photos)

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Takes Equity And Joins BeepTool Board (Photos)
Telehealth system connected via BeepTool

Today, I became a shareholder and Board member of BeepTool. BeepTool makes small satellites with its partners. With its Oyi-I smartphone, you can access the web using a mobile application in areas its satellites cover. The satellites are engineered to serve largely small geographical areas and well optimized. For example, you can have one in your village and if everyone uses Oyi-1 phone with the app, everyone will have Internet connection. You can put one in your oil rig location and everyone will have Internet connection.

Building on this connectivity are services like Lafiya which is a telehealth solution that practically brings a “clinic” in your office, home, church or more with clusters of health professionals unbounded and unconstrained by geography. Lafiya is powered by solar with nothing to do with national grid. There is also an agro-aggregation business, Ogleji, which supports rural farmers.

In the BeepTool world, there is a fintech – mNaira – which powers the commerce happening in BeepTool ecosystem.  To load credits on BeepTool for subscription of the data, one has to use mNaira. mNaira enables many services designed for locations and areas with non- or poorly existent connectivity. Those services include saving, lending, etc.

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Over the last few months, I have been working with BeepTool founder John Enoh, and it is amazing that we are ready for the world. John is based in Texas USA; our local team operates from Lekki. I spent a full day with them today. You will be learning about the different solutions in this amazing African technology company.

Our vision in this company is to take the services which Nigerians in urban areas are enjoying to rural communities. To do that, we have to create a connectivity system supported by services. The Nigerian regulators and Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) are all licensing or have licensed critical BeepTool technologies. I have been working with this entity for largely a year, and decided now is the time to get full. We also hope you will be interested in our services and quickly connect.

A section of our Lagos team


  • Address: 40 Fola Osibo Rd Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Tel #: +234-1-453-5771
  • Email: [email protected]
Immersion on the satellite
The satellite
BeepTool terminal
Telehealth with solar support

Telehealth system connected via BeepTool
Oyi 1 smartphone
Oyi 1 smartphone


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6 THOUGHTS ON Ndubuisi Ekekwe Takes Equity And Joins BeepTool Board (Photos)

  1. Dear Prof,

    Welcome to Beeptool Group! We are very happy to have you as a part of our team.
    We strongly believe, your organizational and strategic planning abilities are going to be put to good use as we move into the new scaling feet, and we are eagerly anticipating the positive impact you are going to have here.
    Looking forward to working with you Sir,

    Abraham Wright Enoh
    Team Lead Software Engineer

  2. Prof, this is wonderful. I have been personally thinking of which organisation would be best fit to turn my ancestral village to a smart city for over a year now looking at either of the telecommunication companies in Nigeria, but today I believe this would open my village and other rural areas too. I would love to have a meeting with them to know how to go about it. Thanks

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