Ndubuisi Ekekwe To Speak With BBC Focus on Africa This Week

Ndubuisi Ekekwe To Speak With BBC Focus on Africa This Week

I will be speaking with BBC Focus on Africa this week.  It is going to be a conversation on economic systems and indigenous frameworks to advance the prosperity of nations. I have put some postulations on the necessity for Nigeria (and Africa) to look inwards to invent and refine new economic architectures because anything out there could be out of phase to our current needs.  Yes, technology continues to bring new perturbations in market systems, requiring nations to innovate to drive shared prosperity. 

As most of our members in Tekedia Mini-MBA already know, I am a big believer that models are extremely catalytic for economic advancements. Yes, like in business, the business model you commit to execute could determine how far you can go.

Take Microsoft as an example, the difference between that $1.86 trillion business of today and Steve Ballmer’s era of sub-$400 billion market cap was largely Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) bringing new models, on largely the same products and services. Yes, a new model turned a sub-$400 billon business into $1.86T in less than seven years!

Nations can have the same impact and that is why I push for Nigeria to look deeper on its model because if you have the wrong models, you will struggle to effectively utilize your factors of production and broad citizenry resources.


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2 thoughts on “Ndubuisi Ekekwe To Speak With BBC Focus on Africa This Week

  1. Whether in Classics or Rhetorics, examples are the most effective form of persuasion! Why is it necessary to highlight that? Because, to get enough believers in a society with largely uniformed citizens, you need to demonstrate practical realities; examples give you that.

    The tech entrepreneurs and all those who believe in contemporary knowledge economy still have so much work to do, shifting it to the government is tantamount to dereliction of duty.

    Introduce products and services, show how a particular model transforms economy better than what is in practice, also show how it improves wellbeing for citizens, and you will get converts on the go.

    The disconnect is that, where those who see alpha want everyone else to go is unrealistic, except they first invest massively in educating the larger society. Without education, you cannot have critical mass of believers needed to make any system or model viable.

    As we talk tech, we need to also educate the public on tech; and those who love it most should lead the crusade. Governments, just like everyday people are just beneficiaries, making them protagonists can only lead to more paralysis.


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