NebulaPay Group Pay (Video)

NebulaPay Group Pay (Video)

Three of you have gone to the restaurant; the jollof rice was awesome.  The associate brought the bill. You knew Isu added nkwobi. Adamu took one zobo while Femi is taking extra amala home. How do you pay this one bill with your debit/credit cards? You agree that it does not look cool to ask the associate to generate 3 separate bills! Do not worry: NebulaPay is here. With NebulaPay, many people can simultaneously pay one bill. 

In this video, these roommates are paying their rents. The landlord is a NebulaPay merchant. He sent just one bill. With Nebula, both roommates pay it using Nebula Group Pay. It enables the splitting of electronic bill at scale.

NebulaPay is one of our newest startups – it also makes it possible to make payments through Facebook chats, Skype etc.  Yes, no need to stop the Facebook chat when that customer likes the hairstyle. Just send her a chat pay command, and she will click and pay!

 You will be learning more next week.



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