New CMOS Digital Isolators by Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies has announced ACML-74×0, a family of digital isolators that deliver the market’s most robust insulation performance. The ACML-74×0 series, from Avago Technologies, is a family of multi-channel high-speed CMOS digital isolators. Using magnetic coupling through a thick insulation barrier, these CMOS digital isolators help enable high-speed transmissions without compromise to isolation performance.


These CMOS digital isolators consume a small amount of power, even at high data rates, yet provide transient immunity performance in compact surface-mount packages. These CMOS digital isolators are qualified to a maximum propagation delay of 36ns and a maximum pulse width distortion of 3ns. They are also capable of running at a 100MBd data rate.


These CMOS digital isolator devices are available in 16-pin SOIC wide-body packages. They operate at dual 3.3V or 5V supply voltages. The DC and timing are specified over the temperature range of -40° C to +105° C. The quad-channel ACML-7400 CMOS digital isolator is configured as a uni-directional device, with four channels in one direction. The ACML-7400, along with the ACML-7410 and ACML-7420 digital isolators, is also built using CMOS input buffers and CMOS output drivers helping to eliminate the need for both input limiters and output pull-up resistors. Refresh circuitry is built in to ensure DC-correctness.


Additional ACML-74×0 Product Features:

  • Low power consumption of 13 mA per channel typical at 100 MBd data rate
  • Wide operating temperature range from -40° C to 105° C
  • Qualified to low maximum propagation delay of 32 ns and low maximum pulse width distortion of 2 ns
  • Low propagation delay skews of 4 ns maximum for channel-to-channel and 5 ns maximum for part-to-part
  • Dual supply voltage compatible for 3.3V and 5V
  • High common mode transient immunity of 25 kV/µs min
  • Safety and regulatory approvals from UL, CSA and IEC 60950-1/61010-1/60601-1


They are priced starting at $6.48 each in 1,000 piece quantities. For more information, see Avago Technologies


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