New Graduates, Prepare For The Jobs Now.

New Graduates, Prepare For The Jobs Now.

To the students that have been sending inmails, let me handle all at once since I do not have time to respond to everyone. Simply, the hardest job in Nigeria today is finding a job!. I am not saying this to scare you. But that is the reality today – and  I want you to understand that. Nigeria has marginally expanded GDP for years but with population growing faster than economic growth, the jobs are not here.

Also, as the era of digitization takes off (see how banks which have tripped revenue per staff in just a few years; they use smaller number of staff to make more money), I do not see a change in this trajectory anytime soon.

 Yet, in the midst of the paralysis, there are opportunities but you have to be positioned for them. This is the playbook – the best time to audition for a job is when there is no advertised job. Most people hire passively these days. You cannot tell me you are a content writer when in two weeks you have not written anything. You cannot tell me that you are fanatical about electronics when your feeds are all about shoes and vacation spots. Those feeds matter because in everything you do, you are creating an image in the minds of people on things that drive you.

Do one thing – invest in that talent by making people really know what you know. It is typically what people see and feel that you know that matter. If you know it but no one can see it, you have a problem. Improve your webinality to change that. And good luck in this fascinating hopeful Nigeria.

Build Your Professional Webinality


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6 thoughts on “New Graduates, Prepare For The Jobs Now.

  1. Adopting a learning mindset would be more valuable to them than anything else. Many young people heave a sigh of relief upon graduation, because for them, less reading and less learning. Unfortunately the real world demands the opposite: you have more to read and learn after school, the type you do in school is largely regimented, you need much more out there.

    With learning mindset, you achieve two things simultaneously: deepening your knowledge in many subject matters, and it also gives you opportunity to engage and interact with people far above you, because of the sort of questions you can put across. As long as you can ask big questions that get the brightest minds thinking, you will always have opportunities to do things with them.

    There may never be enough jobs for everyone, but as long as you can consistently show that you can add value, making sure that you are known for something; there’s a job for you.


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