The New Knowledge War

The New Knowledge War

The knowledge war is here and it is between U.S. and China. These are the two most advanced technology nations in the New Knowledge (I just made that up). The New Knowledge includes areas like robotics, aviation, and high-tech manufacturing. Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) belongs to robotics, and is really the big target of this combat. The New Knowledge is brooding the New Knowledge War (I just made that up). .

According to the Hill, the United States government has announced new limitations on visas given to Chinese nationals. This new initiative is structured to counter the alleged theft of American IP (intellectual property) by China. Possibly, by limiting the length of stay of these Chinese nationals, mainly master’s and PhD graduate students, U.S. can mitigate the IP theft. The focus fields are robotics, aviation, and high-tech manufacturing. Besides, the restrictions would affect some specific U.S. companies [I assume Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Amazon and Apple] where they would be prevented from employing Chinese in some fields.

Officials told the AP that the instructions sent to U.S. embassies and consulates call for Chinese graduate students studying fields like robotics, aviation and high-technology manufacturing to receive visas valid only for one year.

Such areas of study were marked as priorities by China’s “Made in China” 2025 manufacturing plan, according to the AP.

Trump had said that such changes could happen in a national security strategy issued in December.

Simply, if China wants the Made in China 2025 to succeed, it has to invent the fundamental elements in China. And it cannot depend on sending its brightest students to U.S., to learn and acquire knowledge, and then return to innovate.

This is just the beginning – the New Knowledge War will shift from nations to citizens as AI and new technologies ravage opportunities even as they enable new ones. The shift will bring pains and also triumphs but those would not be evenly distributed. Nigeria needs to develop definitive roadmaps on the enabling pillars for this global redesign, urgently.

I will remain with my thesis that government must pick say $3 billion from the foreign reserves and fund SMEs in Nigeria (there is another one for VC tax incentives). The funding will be given as loans tied to BVN. Any person that does not pay can never access the financial system until the person repays. If we do this, we can create 3 million jobs within a year. Our immediate challenge is funding innovation and I am confident there are many small companies in Nigeria that would need that funding.

Now is the time, the New Knowledge War may seem to be between U.S. and China now, but this is going to be global in all forms.


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3 thoughts on “The New Knowledge War

  1. I think the USA might be worse off in the long run, it has continued to attract the worlds best because it is the best and an open society. China can simply offer incentives for other foreigners with requisite skills to come help them build, though frankly it will not be as easy as attracting their locals back remember that alot stay back in the USA and contribute there, and alot of people who feel confortable in America my not like China because of race or language. If I were America, I would make a certain percentage of these high tech knowledge seekers pay a much higher visa fee, and use this for inner city education for high schools or community colleges.

    1. Everyone wants to live in U.S because there is a path to citizenship. I am not sure China will ever get there. It does not make sense to live in a country for years, pay taxes and contribute and yet not benefit from the social supports of that country when you retire. Without that no foreigner will like to live in China.

  2. You may not blame china if you consider their population size and problems.
    Liberal using citizenship to foreigners will worsen their population problem,mind you the Chinese government has been enforcing the one child policy on its citizens.
    Moreover,there is a policy already in china to attract and retain highly skilled foreign professionals or labor to china.


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