Home Tech [News Flash] Fasmicro Partners with South African RLabs – The Creator of Jamiix

[News Flash] Fasmicro Partners with South African RLabs – The Creator of Jamiix


Right in Silicon Valley, California, after a MeetUp, the founder of Rlabs, Marlon Parker,  and Fasmicro Founder through the bits and bytes network concluded a partnership for Jamiix to arrive Nigeria. Both have met in TEDxAmsterdam last year and this discussion has taken more than six months.  It was 3 minutes to midnight, on Sunday, when the deal was concluded.


JamiiX has looked set to be the next Ushahidi to emerge from Africa. While Ushahidi uses social media and mobile communications to collect information from people at events, JamiiX uses the channels to information.


The World Health Organisation deployed JamiiX in Indonesia to aid communications after natural disasters.  It is a messaging management system, developed to more effectively manage multiple mobile chat and mobile social networks streams. It is engineered to allow  multiple counsellors to have 300 IM conversations in one hour, massively increasing their ability to assist those who need help.

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Jamiix is already nominated for a Bees Award and the recipient of funding from the Vodacom Foundation, JamiiX provides an interesting opportunity for other support organisations around the world.


Fasmicro becomes the official representative of Rlabs/Jamiix in Nigeria through this partnership. We look for a deeper relationship to use this tool and our technology to serve humanity and bring practical positive changes to the lives of Nigerian citizens. Fasmicro will be putting information on the website in this regard.If you need to use Jamiix to organize your event and program, we are ready! Call Fasmicro offices in Nigeria.


Fasmicro has evolved as one of the most innovative embedded systems, Apps and software firms in Nigeria, giving Africa its first Android App Store in addition to creating other fascinating technologies. Fasmicro Locker is deployed in copyrighted digital assets to prevent digital theft while the Fasmicro Leaser ensures that any digital asset becomes worthless after the lease date, unless renewed. We have become a company of choice for academic institutions and religious institutions that want to preserve their digital assets. It is moving aggressively into mobility and helping to reshape the mobility geography of Nigeria.


Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) is a global movement and registered Social Enterprise that provides innovative solutions to address various complex problems. It creates an environment where people are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others. The RLabs “main hub” is in Athlone, Cape Town but have activity in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Central Africa with a goal of reaching all continents by 2012.

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