[News Flash] Google+ Was Named Google Me Initially. We Rightly Predicted The Structure A Year Before

Tonight, I am waking up at 3am to blog. I started sleeping around 11pm (or so I thought). There in my sleep, I dreamt. I went to the Google land- a massive haven of geeks who hold the future of sociaphere. I was very excited because I live in the web- my life, my family and my enemies are all in the web. If I leave the web for few hours, I have left the center of the universe.


Right in my dream, I could see a man that descended like a god. I knew he was a god because he was very powerful and mystical. His name sounded Erique. He has two high priests; very talented two young men. They carried and executed his mission, though they actually own the mission.


In the land, there were many bright people who were using their brains to figure out how to make people addicted to clicking ads on the web. They were building empires of websites that ranged from photos, videos and searches. These guys were full of energy and passion.


As I moved deeper into the land, I went straight to the place where Erique was seated. I had come from another world and he was interested in meeting me. I told him that I had come from Afriland and the president of my country, Nigeria, runs his government based on information and direction he gets from his Facebook account. To him, governments begin and end in Facebook.


Erique shouted and said this little Marke is turning this college website into political management software, even for Africans. I saw him very upset and annoyed. Right there, he called for his two high priests.  He told them that Facebook could eat them up if they have no solution for it.


One of the priests, named Seye, said he was also concerned. He was not happy that the world refused to welcome Google buzz when it arrived. He made his case that it was a great technology.


Unapologetically, they excused me to discuss some important issues. Upon their return, Lai, the other founder of the company told me that they have a solution. His solution will come on December 2010 and they will launch a social network called Google Me, around one firm he called Zynga. He explained that I should take the message to the world that all Google Games will be revamped and we will see a technology like never before.


Actually, I had no stakes in the conversations and I felt they must have tried to prove something to share their secrets with me.  As I began to walk back, Erique called me and explained to me that when I go back to Afriland that I should tell everyone that his social network site will be better than anyone today.


He made a point: as Facebook crunched and put Myspace on museum, so will Google Me put Facebook. He explained how Google had invested money that exceeded some African budgets in companies like Zynga for FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Zynga is huge in Nigeria as boys like to have that virtual reality that they are rich when they have not actually eaten good meal for weeks.


I told him that it was all fine. But I will have to sell this important, world changing strategic information that the universe of dreams have provided to me. I asked him if I could come back to this place in my future dreams because I was going to share any money I make from this secret with those that assign dreams every night we sleep.


I made him understand that I would like to be dreaming of this type; never dull ones where I own the whole of Boston, just to wake up and notice that I have to pay my rent. He promised him that his ears are open to me.


Now, I was to leave Google land back to Afriland where some elders were seated for a night of community strategizing. I met them and told that I had gone and passed seven waters and seven mountains and met a big man whose money is bigger than all the money in our state. They opened their eyes. One guessed immediately: Arthur Nzeribe. Arthur was the Nigerian businessman that locals regarded as being super-rich; in high school I was told that Nigeria was richer than him by four naira.


I said no. This man is different and he wants to become richer. I then explained the man I was talking about and how he will take out the company which enabled their children to become very rich on games when they have nothing in real life. He will take out Zynga from Facebook and move it to Google Games. Then Google Games and Google Buzz will be one and only. One of the elders interrupted me: “did you get any money for us?” I got annoyed and began to walk away from them…


Suddenly, I received a news alert from CNN: Facebook founder might have signed away the site for $1000. I shouted, “Facegeddon, is this end of Facebook?” But I needed to make money and I prepared my marketing brief to ABC, NBC, “Faux” News and CNN.  I wanted to sell my story and make quick bucks because I want to own Charles River in Boston. I love to swim and it will be cool if I have my own river to do that. Heaven is very merciful- an opportunity is here.


Good enough, all the major news media accepted to pay $20,000 for my Google land story. As I was expecting their payments, they called me to inform me that they have just seen the story on my blog, Nkpuhe . I said not possible.


I had written the story, hoping to publish it after they have carried the news after 24 hours. Unfortunately, I did not schedule the date right. As I began to break my laptop for making that stupid mistake that cost me big money, my neighbor’s fire alarm went up.


I woke up. I was dreaming. And I quickly used the laptop to post this Goggle Me.


We  predicted Google plus in July 2010 here.


NB: We treasure the innovations of Google, Facebook, Zynga and all the firms in this blog. They have made the world better through their solutions. We just want to have fun.

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