[News Flash] QluQlu, Africa’s Group Discount Giant, Relaunched Today – Business Model Revamped

It seems that good things are just happening all over Africa. As Google has electrified the region in the last few weeks, we cannot wait for more. Our startups are becoming razor-focused on strategy and showing the capacity to go into business battle.


Tekedia reports that QluQlu, Africa’s player in the group discount business, has relaunched its site and revamped its business model. We think the simple aim is to serve the customers, better.  In an email correspondence, the team sent us a press release which we are making available to our readers in entirety.


Tekedia maintains our prediction that QluQlu could become an acquisition target by Groupon or LivingSocial (of course the team may not like that one. They want to build and stay forever!).


Notice that QluQlu has a paypal interface now. Life cannot get better. To access the impacts of these group discount players, we want those that have used these awesome services to send us feedback. We want to know how much you are saving and how easy the merchants are cooperating.

QluQlu.com.ng re-launched with a new User Interface & Business Model

LAGOS, Nigeria.– QluQlu Nigeria, a group discount website that offers a daily deal on the best local goods, services and events in Lagos re-launched today with a new and improved User Interface as well as a tweak on its Business Model.


Using the principles of group buying/bargaining, QluQlu negotiates amazing 30% – 70% discounts with quality local businesses. QluQlu subscribers get free daily emails alerting them to the deals. The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to buy, encouraging subscribers to share the promotion with family and friends. By guaranteeing a large minimum number of new customers, QluQlu creates a powerful new marketing and customer acquisition vehicle for local merchants.


In effect, QluQlu Nigeria brings buyers and sellers together in a fun and collaborative way, offering consumers great deals they can’t get anywhere else and while offering the local business new and desirable customers. This innovative approach to e-commerce has brought millions of dollars in new revenue to local businesses worldwide while saving more than N600,000 for subscribers in Lagos over the course of 6weeks since its original launch.


In the new iteration of the business model, QluQlu customers will pay the full price upfront for the coupon and then have a period of between 3 and 6months to go redeem the coupon at the premises of the local business. This is in contrast to the earlier model where users got the coupon for free and paid only on redemption. Explaining the shift in model, Kofi Afaedor, CEO of QluQlu noted that the earlier model was to build confidence within the consuming public. Now with some 300 coupons distributed, it’s time to step up the model to enable the company provide customers with greater discounts on quality products and local businesses with the cash up front to justify the huge discounts.


The new brightly colored and sleek user interface also integrates seamlessly with social media enabling users to share content and deals via Facebook & Twitter. Users can also follow the site on Twittter @QluQluNg or become a friend on facebook to learn about new deals and other developments. He noted that the team will continue to evolve the application and business model to enable it provide world class internet-based services customized to the needs of local Nigerian businesses.


QluQlu customers can pay either by direct bank deposit or transfer into QluQlu accounts with GTB, Zenith Bank, UBA, First Bank or Union Bank. Also they can pay online via Cash Envoy or PayPal.


To receive emails about the deals of the day, customers must visit the site and subscribe.


About QluQlu

QluQlu Nigeria launched its website in March 2011 in Lagos, featuring deals on the best things to do, eat, see and buy. QluQlu uses the power of collective buying to offer unbeatable prices and provide a win-win for businesses and consumers. For more information, visit www.QluQlu.com.ng for QluQlu Nigeria & www.QluQlu.com for other QluQlu properties across Sub-Saharan Africa.


To get QluQlu’s daily free email for the best in your African city, subscribe at QluQlu.


To learn more on how to become a featured business on QluQlu, visit http://www.QluQlu.com.ng/getfeatured

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