[News Flash] Tekedia Receives $10,000 In Funding – Will Expand Contributions Across Africa

Tekedia, today, received $10,000 from  a US tech journalist. We do not have great statistics. We do not have blow-out audience. We do not  even have the history – just about a month old. In short, the statistics has been a bumper ride -goes up and goes down.


Yet, he emailed us that he liked the simplicity of our blog and the interview we gave a Nigerian professor. He was of the opinion that if we continue that, we will go mainstream very soon.


The investment will be realized if tekedia is acquired in future as Africa’s arm of a leading global brand or even bought internally from a Nigerian publisher. We do not even know what we are doing or what we plan to do.


We are not going to promise anything better or clever than we will expand the reach here. But the site will remain clean and simple.


This injection is not related to Fasmicro.  It is strictly for Tekedia – no equity exchanged hands, just a special arrangement.  You will be reading a guest post from a tech leader very soon here. We think Tekedia can become an icon. We are still looking for a  plan that will work best and if you have an idea, please send to us.


We will continue to accept articles and contributions and you can promote your business here. Our model is not built on Google Adsense.  Our ad rates are ridiculously cheap : starting from $50  per month.


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