Are You Out-Innovating Your Competitors? InnoCentive Can Help

It is called open innovation. It is called crowd sourcing. One thing is certain: You can become innovative by tapping the wisdom of others.Oh yes, the innovation you need in your business must not be completely  done internally.


After all, the world is more competitive than ever and your current innovation processes and systems are failing to keep up. The cost of innovation is increasing while the returns are diminishing. Imagine harnessing your employees, customers, users, and an entire planet of innovators to get ahead of your competitors. The value and returns are indisputable for organizations that adopt, and increasingly, those that don’t will be disadvantaged.


This is where InnoCentive comes into play.

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InnoCentive has pioneered a proven innovation framework that accelerates traditional innovation outcomes by leveraging open innovation and crowdsourcing to connect Seekers to internal and external communities of problem Solvers to find solutions to their most pressing Challenges.

We offer a full line of open innovation solutions to help you accelerate innovation while reducing the cost and risk:

  • Public Challenges: Connect to a world of diverse innovators through our Global Solver Community of millions and growing.
  • Private Innovation Communities: Harness your own employees and private communities of innovators like retirees, alumni, partners, and customers.
  • Grand Challenges: Implement large scale innovation programs that have far-reaching consequences in the areas of human health, public safety, education, energy, sustainability, and the environment.
  • Pavilions and Innovation Communities: Attract and manage your own public innovation communities as well as enhance your brand.
  • Challenge Marketing Services: Leverage digital/social media and syndication channels to promote your Challenges and expand your reach.
  • Professional Development and Training: Build sustainable open innovation programs throughout your organization.
  • Strategic Consulting: Adopt innovation best practices through needs assessment, benchmarking, and strategic advisory services.


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