Nigenius Uses Smart Digital Assistant to Improve Learning in Nigeria

Nigenius Uses Smart Digital Assistant to Improve Learning in Nigeria

Nigenius is a smart digital assistant which enables Nigerian teachers to improve their students’ performance and learning outcomes by providing quality teaching and learning contents. It is the premier teaching and learning solution for private and public, primary and secondary schools, in Nigeria and the West African sub region. It wants to be the medium for school administrators to maximize the productivity of their teachers in the classroom.

Nigenius provides teachers with access to well researched lesson plans and teaching resources quickly and efficiently through their mobile devices via the Google Playstore. Teachers with Nigenius  spend less time searching through multiple web pages and rather devote it to engage students with quality content from the app. To solve the common problem of outdated teaching and learning content which is prevalent in the Nigerian educational sector resulting in inefficient teachers and students, Nigenius updates its content regularly so that teachers are abreast with the latest developments in efficient teaching.

It provides teachers with the ability to search and access content which is specific to their teaching and learning objectives with quality assurance on the lesson plans by different teachers which is regularly updated for positive classroom engagement.

Nigenius operates a monthly subscription service with single and multi user subscription packages. It’s goal is to create a classroom leveraging technology for teachers to have access to the best teaching and learning resources on the go.

 As a result of ill trained teachers, Nigeria has had to grapple with a high illiteracy rate because an inefficient teacher cannot impact the pupils with knowledge to make them globally competitive. With Nigenius, it is hoped that the standard of education in primary and secondary schools in the country will be bench-marked positively in line with global standards for the 21st century.

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