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Nigeria Presidential Election Final Results for 2023 (updated)

Nigeria Presidential Election Final Results for 2023 (updated)

Final Nigeria presidential results 2023 by state


APC – 201,494

PDP – 89,554

LP – 11,397

NNPP – 264


APC – 343,945

LP – 23,283

PDP – 354,366

NNPP – 713


APC 263,572

LP 31,116

NNPP 3,141

PDP 136,909


APC 369,924

LP 4,405

NNPP 930

PDP 115,463


APC: 341,554

PDP: 123,831

NNPP: 2,200

LP: 85, 829


APC: 449,884

PDP: 182,977

NNPP: 4,095

LP: 99,110


APC: 151,459

PDP: 198,567

NNPP: 18,270

LP: 2,406


APC: 4,772

PDP: 15,749

NNPP: 1,808

LP: 428,640


APC: 572,606

PDP: 75,750

NNPP: 8442

LP: 582,454


APC: 146,977

PDP: 319,123

NNPP: 10,520

LP: 26,160


APC: 421,390

PDP: 386,587

NNPP: 98,234

LP: 1,889


APC: 182,881

PDP: 417,611

NNPP: 8,006

LP: 105,648


APC: 482,283

PDP: 489,045

NNPP: 69,386

LP: 6,376


APC: 172,922

PDP: 147,093

NNPP: 12,715

LP: 191,361


APC: 375,183





APC: 310,468

PDP: 130,081

NNPP: 4,740

LP: 308,372


APC: 90,902

PDP: 74,194

NNPP: 4,517

LP: 281,717


APC: 160,620

PDP: 214,012

NNPP: 7,796

LP: 132,683


APC: 144,471

PDP: 89,585

NNPP: 2,743

LP: 331,163


APC: 8,914

PDP: 22,676

NNPP: 1,239

LP: 327,095


APC: 240,751

PDP: 145,104

NNPP: 4,238

LP: 56,217


APC: 316,694

PDP: 426,607

NNPP: 72,103

LP: 27,373


APC: 307,195

PDP: 243,808

NNPP: 8,869

LP: 466,272


APC: 42,572

PDP: 68,818

NNPP: 540

LP: 49,975


APC: 399,293

PDP: 554,360

NNPP: 92,969

LP: 294,494


APC: 248,088

PDP: 285,175

NNPP: 5,038

LP: 10,682


APC: 517,341

PDP: 131,716

NNPP: 997,279

LP: 28,513


APC: 298,396

PDP: 193,978

NNPP: 4044

LP: 1,660


APC: 285,444

PDP: 288,679

NNPP: 1,300

LP: 6,568


APC 130,520

PDP 95,425

NNPP 1,644

LP 179,917


APC 90,183

PDP 161,600

NNPP 3,122

LP 341,866


APC: 42,402

PDP: 13,503

NNPP: 1,661

LP: 259,738


APC: 5,111

PDP: 9,036

NNPP: 1,967

LP: 584,621


APC: 135,165

PDP: 189,017

NNPP: 12,818

LP: 146,315


APC: 252,282

PDP: 190,921

NNPP: 4,626

LP: 7,205


APC: 231,591

PDP: 88,468

NNPP: 1,322

LP: 175,071


APC: 66,406

PDP: 30,234

NNPP: 1,552

LP: 360,495

Nigeria presidential results 2023

In the final result called by INEC, Nigeria’s election umpire, here are the main summaries, from the 36 states of the federation and Abuja:

Tinubu of APC scored the highest votes; 8,805,420 votes and won 12 states (Rivers, Borno, Jigawa, Zamfara, Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Niger, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo,  Ogun).

Atiku (PDP) scored 6,984,290 votes; won 12 states (Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Kaduna, Gombe, Yobe, Bauchi, Adamawa,  Taraba,  Osun, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa).

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Obi (LP) got 6,093,962; won also 12 states (Edo, Cross River, Delta, Lagos, FCT, Plateau, Imo, Ebonyi, Nasarawa, Anambra, Abia, Enugu)

Kwankwaso (NNPP) won 1,496,671 votes and won a state – Kano State.

Using the results, Tinubu scored at least 25% of votes in 29 states; Atiku (21) and Obi (16). One needs at least 24 or 25 states (including Abuja). Based on that, Tinubu gets the call.

Pending a determination that the total canceled votes (many of them across the nation) will not change the outcome, INEC will do the trigger and make a call for Tinubu.

Yet, this is a really low-turnout election which is contrary to alternate data. In 2019, APC received 15,191,847 votes while PDP finished with 11,262,978 votes, giving at least 26 million to elect the president. In 2023, you have about 21 million voters. In 2015, the number was about 28.2 million.

The pollsters are correct: Obi wins with high turnout, but Tinubu wins with low turnout. This election, from official numbers, is low turnout but INEC has to explain how it lost at least 5 million voters in a cycle where more people registered, collected PVCs, etc, implying that voter suppression possibly changed the outcome.

Data Analytic Startup, Stears, Calls Nigeria’s Presidential Contest for Peter Obi

Here is the final result of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential election as called by INEC. Based on this result, Senator Bola Tinubu of APC will be declared president-elect any moment from now. But understand that INEC, the electoral umpire, is struggling to navigate this declaration considering the avalanche of complaints from local and international organizations on the conduct of the election.

From the UK to European Union to African Union reps, they faulted the processes. Yet, from historical precedent, INEC will likely call the exercise for Tinubu, and then challenge the other players to go to court to lose.

Ex-president Jonathan just visited Tinubu. Ghana’s ex-president Mahama has also visited. Others will be waiting for INEC to make it official.  If this election had been seamlessly executed, INEC would have made the call. But no matter what, at the end, Tinubu will get the certificate as the president-elect. Everyone should stay calm please.

*this analysis assumes cancelled votes are below the difference between Tinubu and Atiku or Obi

Source: Stears


I have graded INEC and the score is F9 (hopeless and irredeemable failure in an exam), using the WAEC grading system.

I was waiting for the international election observers, and for the very first time, they did not drop the usual bland statement, but went all the way to express displeasure on the charade from INEC: “Nigerians were mostly not impressed by the conduct of the 2023 presidential and national assembly elections….Logistical challenges and multiple incidents of political violence overshadowed the electoral process and impeded a substantial number of voters from participating”.

They continued: “at the close of the polls, challenges with the electronic transfer of results and their upload to a public portal in a timely manner, undermined citizen confidence at a crucial moment of the process…Moreover, inadequate communication and lack of transparency by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) about their cause and extent created confusion and eroded voters’ trust in the process.” – The Joint Election Observation Mission (JEOM)

INEC abandoned its promised method and created figures from the blues; a case study of Ekiti State: “I worked on the results as presented yesterday and I discovered that we have 987,647 registered voters in Ekiti and 301, 558 accredited..“And since we have 301, 558 accredited, the results as presented yesterday, APC had 201,494. If you subtract that from 301, 558, what you have left is 100, 064.”

“Out of 100,064, PDP scored 89, 554, if you subtract that from 100,064, what is left is 10,510. And now, it was also recorded that Labour had 11, 397 when the total number left is 10, 510, leaving an over figure of 887.

“Apart from this surplus, we have not even calculated the votes of other political parties. We recall that yesterday you told us that ADC scored 1037.” PDP leader

INEC has failed Nigerians, if we follow the letters of the electoral act which offered the option to send results electronically. How do you explain that after 24 hours voting ended in Abia State, no results have been declared. Indeed, when they prefer to do these things manually, you get the picture that nothing has changed.

Meanwhile, there is a shocker: Atiku wins Buhari’s state, Katsina state. By winning Katsina, the PDP path widens, using the flawed results INEC is sharing. Unless someone can explain why it is taking them 24 hours to announce most states, I will not agree that these numbers are real.

Results are electronically transmitted, why are they still hanging? Why can’t they release ALL at the same time instead of this piecemeal release? Nigerians need to ask INEC to release all the results at ONCE!

Atiku polled a total vote of 489,045 ahead of Mr Tinubu who got 482, 283 making a difference of 6,762. Rabiu Kwankwaso of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) got 69,386 votes.

I am looking at the data coming from INEC; most things do not make sense. The statistical ambivalence is mind blowing. Take Ikeja local government, Obi scored 30,004 votes; Tinubu scored 21,276 votes  and Atiku 2,280 votes. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos State and the local government area where Tinubu voted.

But move a border to Ikeja, the numbers move at multiples. Then move to Adamawa State, the homestate of Atiku, Obi does well.  Then in Rivers State, Obi has no records.  Obi wins in ex-president Jonathan’s polling unit but that was it there. Then Atiku does a really remarkable job in Osun.

I am also concerned that INEC does not really have any update on Southeast when some states in SW are largely done. Is it a network problem or what? Abia and Enugu are zero; why?

This is going to the wire; pity  political scientists; no one would have predicted the heterogeneity we’re seeing.

Tinubu opens a bigger gap. But Atiku still looks really great when you consider the states which have been called.

I am looking at the data coming from INEC; most things do not make sense. The statistical ambivalence is mind blowing. My conclusion is that BVAS possibly was not deployed at scale. Picking samples from Lagos, many things do not make sense. Take Ikeja local government, Obi scored 30,004 votes; Tinubu scored 21,276 votes  and 2,280 votes. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos State and the local government area where Tinubu voted.  But move a border to Ikeja, the numbers move at multiples.

This result depicts huge heterogeneity in the voter base which is unprecedented and widespread. Political scientists will have data to explain what happened.

Tinubu continues to lead.

“The Commission regrets this setback, especially because of the importance of IReV in our results management process. Consequently, the Commission wishes to assure Nigerians that the challenges are not due to any intrusion or sabotage of our systems, and that the IReV remains well-secured. Our technical team is working assiduously to solve all the outstanding problems, and users of the IReV would have noticed improvements since last night.” So, we have to wait for INEC to get its system back.

(This website tekedia.com is also having issues. Traffic crashed my website. It seems the Amazon elastic compute which was to allow spike traffic is not working well. My apologies. Please keep checking; my team is checking why it failed.  I am updating data at https://www.tekedia.com/nigeria-2023-presidential-election-result-dashboard/ replying 100% on INEC data)

Ogun State, the home state of Nigeria’s former president, Obasanjo, never shows love to the ex-general. Though not on the ballot, his endorsement of Obi was a moment in the political game. In OBJ’s local government, Obi scored 13%, Tinubu 64% with Atiku picking 16%. Of course, when he ran for president in 2019, he lost his home state (and the whole of Southwest), and when he endorsed Atiku in 2019, the former Vice President lost the state to APC.

Rabiu Kwankwaso is having a really great show in Kano State. If he ends up picking Kano State, expect his impact to inject into who becomes the next president of Nigeria. Nonetheless, looking at how Atiku outperformed in Southwest, he should be feeling great.

The race seems now between Atiku and Tinubu but is just too early. Most of the results are from South-west which means Atiku has his base yet to be called. From all indications, we may be going for a run-off.

The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) wins Ajingi local government in Kano State; with 16,798 votes. APC –  7,066 votes,  PDP – 1,540 votes.

Atiku Abubakar is looking really great as results begin to pop in. In Ekiti, Osun, Ondo and Katsina states, for results called, he outperformed his 2019 numbers so far.  The biggest surprise is his numbers in Katsina. But it is way TOO EARLY – and really EARLY.  I will be updating this page as numbers begin to drop.

I only use INEC reported data


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33 THOUGHTS ON Nigeria Presidential Election Final Results for 2023 (updated)

  1. the 2023 presidential election in Nigeran was not free and fear election due to issues regarding the process
    1. network failure introduced by the INEC official which has been addressed to INEC and nothing has been done of to the conclusions of the election
    2. submission of result electronically from the polling units immediately after accreditation of the caster
    3. presenting result that does not tally with the one at state level.
    4 IN abdicate man power. to operate the devices for the election process and many more that time will not let me enumerate

  2. Thank you for the updates.. Regards to the presidential election they shouldn’t forget that nigeria needs revamps in almost every angles.. THE SHOULD CHOOSE WISELY BECAUSE THIS COULD BE A VERY BEST TIME OF REBRANDING OUR DEAR COUNTRY.. I’m praying for God should guide our leaders and also surport and give them devine directive on what to do..

  3. All I know is that God is God and not a man. When He decides to put in the person He wants,nobody can change it. INEC should continue. At the right time,the real truth will come out in Jesus Name Amen.

  4. It is now we will know who God is,keep playing! His mighty hand will surely be manifested in the election. Those who think they are God,will soon know who God is for real.
    I don’t care what results are being posted now. All I know is that the right person God has chosen,will be the one to sit there. Nothing can change that.

  5. All we asked for is a good government, and surely God will intervent..
    No one is above God and no one will ever be..

    Let them continue manipulating , all we know is that we have our final say..

    thanks for the update sir..

  6. The numbers were fudged and well modulated, but the perpetrators weren’t smart, they left many trails. Go state by state and analyze voters turnout, you will see amazing level of uniformity, always hovering under 25%, where in the world have you seen that?

    Yes, the very election so many people came out to vote couldn’t garner 23 million participants, out of over 87 million PVCs collected…

    My polling unit recorded 73% attendance, an outlier? Well, Ekiti State result that first came out happened to be the only state with over 30% ‘voters’ turnout, but it recorded overvoting, so the allocators went back and fudged other states numbers, then you started seeing unprecedented uniformity.

    Who will still argue that the polls that called it for Obi were wrong? If you believe so, drop your comment under here, so that you will be thoroughly embarrassed when the real numbers from polling units across the country are revealed in the future.

    Later you will learn the actual number of voters a single BVAS can handle in 12 hours, let alone 6 hours…

    When you are dumb and still lay claim to smartness, you have to be extremely careful, because you never know the sort of people you may encounter on the other side.

    God bless Nigeria.

  7. All i know,we should pray for whoever choos as new president,not curse,for if you curse your leader,the curse will also affect you too,
    GOD bless Asiwaju,GOD Bless nigerian.(Amin)

  8. Everything that has beginning most surely have an end,i urge us to be prayerful and have Faith in God Almighty.
    No matter the evil plans of the wicked, God will interven in our cases in Jesus Christ name,Amen.

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