Data Analytic Startup, Stears, Calls Nigeria’s Presidential Contest for Peter Obi

Data Analytic Startup, Stears, Calls Nigeria’s Presidential Contest for Peter Obi

Stears, an African data and intelligence company, founded by Preston Ideh, Abdul Abdulrahim, Foluso Ogunlana, and Michael Famoroti, who met at the London School of Economics and Imperial College in the UK, has called it for Peter Obi: “Even after including silent voters, Peter Obi holds a comfortable lead. In essence, the Stears electoral poll and prediction model affirms that Peter Obi is by far the most popular and desired candidate for the 2023 Presidential Elections” .

Nairametrics provided a deeper insight: “Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has been named the most universally accepted candidate amongst the list of aspirants for the 2023 national presidential elections. This is according to a recent poll by Stears, an African data and intelligence company. According to the findings of the survey, Peter Obi is the only candidate amongst the lot to achieve at least 25% of the vote in most geopolitical regions, that is five out of six, based on the responses of the voters that declared their candidate preference.”

Good People, if you have any poll  which any of Premium Times, Nairametrics, and top-6 newspapers (Guardian, Punch, Vanguard, Sun, Vanguard, BusinessDay) have found useful to publish, share with me, even if Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, etc is leading by 100%. Because I do not break news, focusing on broken ones, do not accuse me of publishing polls which Obi seems to be leading. Get it: I am only educating our community. Hold that insult; just share the poll – and I will run it. 

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Remember, the smarter people in this business must have published the poll for me to use it; if not, do not bother. I depend on those experts because they’re trained journalists and have the tools to make better decisions so that we do not spread fake news and polls.

Of course, the best poll is the election; #vote.

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One thought on “Data Analytic Startup, Stears, Calls Nigeria’s Presidential Contest for Peter Obi

  1. Nigeria is a fact-free enclave, so it doesn’t matter which data or fact you put forward, the same set of people whose only stock in trade is distortion of reality, will still tell you that you are not correct. Ask them to provide counter argument, and they start hallucinating. They will tell you that most voters are in the rural areas, without data of course. A country where over 100 million people use mobile phones, with around 50 million smartphones in circulation.

    How many votes exactly do you need to win a presidential election in Nigeria? They won’t tell you, because their goal is never to be real. They only tell you what will not happen, and not what will happen. Leave your house, enter the neighborhoods, and judge for yourself!

    Almost all the people who live in cities come from rural areas, so how will people in cities possess political information that those in rural areas won’t have? Our lesson teachers won’t tell us, but they know politics…

    Nothing reveals people’s level of ignorance and emptiness better than politics, even those who never travelled outside their home state will tell you who will win at your polling unit. Yes, it is that ridiculous. The lesson teachers will be turned into learners in few days time.

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