Nigeria Among The Next Emerging Markets, After The BRICs…

Undoubtedly nations’ with massive population number plays major roles in determining how big and successful market could be for world investors. In today’s modern technologies in particular, this is being evident in  some of the few nations with numerical advantage in population.

A cull from a book by the Head of Asset Management, Goldman Sachs – the world leading investment bank, Mr. Jim O’Neil. According to Jim, said BRICs markets are growing faster  and even fully developed, that means, the BRICs are not an emerging market anymore. BRIC stands for Brasil, Russia, Indian and China, we cant underestimate impact of this group in world market, in particular China and now Brazil.

BRICs’ role in world trade is also expanding faster than expected. This is much apparent as the market accelerated largely because Brazil and Russian supply to the so many of the commodities needed by China and India.

According to Jim, stated that his analysis of world economies, amid all the information and hype, i have stayed focused on the benefits of an expanding, more productive workforce.

The research conducted by Jim O’Neil’ s team in 2005, inferred that, given the success of BRICs, it may not be surprise to them that many other countries are now competing to be the next market focus like BRIC. The team tried to determine which would be the next group of developing nations to follow in the BRIC’s market romance by world investors.
Based on the Goldman Sachs Asset Management department, the next emerging group of countries are – Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey, and Vietnam.

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