Nigeria at 59 – There’s nothing to celebrate

Nigeria at 59 – There’s nothing to celebrate

Nigeria at 59 but there’s nothing to show for it. Sorrow, tears and blood. The cost of living for an average Nigerian is unbearable. I still can’t believe that the Boko Haram insurgency has not been put to bed.

There’s no future for the youths. The future is scary. With the fragile security in the nation, you have to live every day of your life like is the last day. For how long do we continue to live like this?

Workers earning basic salaries that can not provide a basic meal. Border restrictions yet we have no alternative. Mr. President, you can’t close down the border when there are no other means of getting these goods. The last time I asked for a bag of rice, I learned its 17,000 naira. Does it really make sense? We bought it cheaper when the border was still open. Ridiculous!

Who is deceiving who?

We see your cabinet salaries. It’s incomparable to the civil servants. We don’t want much. We only want equal rights. Give us what you owe us – basic amenities.

I still can’t believe that we don’t have a constant electric power supply, clean water, good roads, reliable security system, and affordable health services.

Is that too much for Mr. President?

Is it too much for our politicians?

Independence means freedom from oppression, poverty, sickness, and everything that appears like a threat to human life and existence. But the question is – are we free indeed?

It’s obvious that the country is still living in bondage. I am ashamed to wish my fellow Nigerians, a ”Happy Independence Day,” because we all know the truth. There’s nothing independent about the whole country and the continent.

Imagine a 59-year-old man that can’t walk or talk. What do we say about a 59-year-old man that still crawls on his knees? Our leadership has failed us.

African leaders have failed. Africa is not where it should be. My fear is – when are we ever going to get there? With the youths giving up on the country and continent, with Africans finding comfort overseas, who will build Africa?

I weep for Africa.

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