Nigeria’s Ex-President Jonathan Not Ruling Out 2023: “It is too early to talk about that”

Nigeria’s Ex-President Jonathan Not Ruling Out 2023: “It is too early to talk about that”

According to The Cable, former President Goodluck Jonathan, after attending an event organized by the Commonwealth Community Choir in Abuja, responded to journalists when asked if he was joining the presidential race in 2023 thus, “It is too early to talk about that.” Yes, as I wrote the other day, something has a good chance of coming to pass: Jonathan running as an APC candidate. He is not ruling out contesting! Jonathan has one thing no other southern politician has: he can run a maximum of one term. Expect political sagacity here from ambitious governors.

As the 2023 general election draws nearer, former President Goodluck Jonathan has declined to rule out the possibility of him seeking election in 2023.

There have been speculations that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was considering fielding Mr Jonathan in the next general election to serve a single term, having served one term as president on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

But Nigeria, do not be looking to former presidents like Obasanjo, Jonathan and Buhari, for anything different. We need to think for a new future. I mean, we the people can change this nation. 

There needs to be another person. It would be really offensive if they repackage Jonathan on us. Nothing against anyone; I just want a new energy and vision. Why not try village boy Ndubuisi Ekekwe? If I say it, wetin go happen? Lol.

Under my presidency, within 6 months, all farmers will see accelerated credit net worth of at least N3 million because I will put velocity on land title and make it easier to move around it, unlocking wealth which remains latent in rural areas, across Nigeria. If we do that, rural Nigeria will evolve. Then, we will begin the playbooks. 

How will we do it? We will use tech startups and open the mapping of assets and registration of land as business opportunities. If we do that, we will see massive new credit wealth in Nigeria. One ward at a time, and a new nation will emerge.

Property rights will drive this and lawtech will handle that. We do not need special contractors: we will channel the energies of our young people to build a new Nigeria!

All Together

The land velocity playbook alone will double Nigeria’s GDP in 3 years and create 5 million jobs! Imagine a man who owns 500 goats entering the formal balance sheets, magically turning that “poor” man into someone who can walk into a bank with networth in books of N20 million.

Nigeria, give me just a year. I lived in the village & I miss Ovim: Nigeria rocks!

The Possible Goodluck Jonathan’s 2023 APC Presidency in Nigeria!


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3 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Ex-President Jonathan Not Ruling Out 2023: “It is too early to talk about that”

  1. You ended up lumping two things together, so I don’t know whether to respond to Jonathan’s tete dance with 2023 election or your own ‘unaudited’ manifesto.

    As for Jonathan, I think he currently has a job that suits his quality and capability, the presidency was never really meant for his type, it was accidental, and he got overwhelmed and dizzy while there; he doesn’t have the character of a president. That ordinary people continue to think and feel they are greater or more sophisticated than what they have/had demonstrated, is something we really need to recalibrate here. We regularly overestimate competence here, and when they underperform, it’s always monumental and epic.

    As for giving you a chance, you first need to make yourself available and make a solid case on why it should be you, then we can put you through the drills and see what comes out at the other end.

    To get a decent human to emerge as president here, we will need lots of debates, not the typical journalistic and shallow debates we see, but the types that force you to show your true self; rehearsals and loaded responses will fail you there, you must have it in you in order to make it to the next stage.

    We are watching…

  2. Love the boldness, just thinking out loud separates you from the rest. We are watching .

    New blood new energy beats the rusty group currently in place.

    Village boy I am with you


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