God bless Nigeria – Not Running Yet

God bless Nigeria – Not Running Yet

Good People, thanks for the kind inmails and emails on my “fun” for the office of the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Certainly, there are many ways to serve our nation. As I continue to tell people, some of us had the best of Nigeria and we wish others could experience the same. It is painful to see brilliant and hardworking young people not making progress in their lives, after they have done the right things. I was in their positions but I was lucky: Nigeria worked for me.

In FUTO, I finished my final year project on a Friday, and on Monday I began a job. I had a driver, a furnished apartment and a great salary. That job came 9 months before graduation. My HOD Prof SOE Ogbogu had presented four jobs from Schlumberger, Bourdex, etc. I experienced the best in Nigeria – and I remain thankful to our nation and my fellow citizens.

So, I do desire that others could experience a GREAT Nigeria. That passion moved the post. Yet, I am not running for any office yet: do not plan to raise any funds.

God bless Nigeria.

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One thought on “God bless Nigeria – Not Running Yet

  1. It will be a great feat seeing someone like you contest for presidency. We need an individual that understand the problem of the country and how to proffer solutions to the reality at hand. We’re hear to support you when the need arise.


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