Nigeria Leapfrogs Electricity As Customs Service Adopts Oracle Blockchain!

Nigeria Leapfrogs Electricity As Customs Service Adopts Oracle Blockchain!

People, it happened – Nigeria has leapfrogged electricity! Yes, the Nigeria Customs Service has adopted blockchain from Oracle. Why not, blockchain is the latest thing in town. The government is also working on smart city framework so that some of our major cities will be smart-ready. Do not ask me about electricity… and water to make those plans meaningful.

As I keep saying here – there is nothing that could not be sold in Nigeria. Few days ago we read how government imported many equipments, tools, etc and forgot them in the ports for more than a decade. Possibly, with blockchain, Customs did a great service by auctioning some of the items. If Oracle could sell blockchain to Nigeria at this time, our entrepreneurs need to improve their games – there is nothing you cannot sell.

Nigeria Customs Service has adopted the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service which has recently just been introduced. The service enables organizations to easily build blockchain networks to allow more secure and efficient transactions and to track goods through supply chains.

“We used Oracle’s blockchain to build a trusted platform for the automation of Customs Excise Trade business processes and procedures,” said Aber T Benjamin, Assistant Comptroller General Modernization, Nigeria Customs Service. “Using this technology, we found the entire business environment can be migrated to blockchain to automate processes and create transparency and predictability. Once the transition to blockchain is completed, NCS expects revenue growth increase of about 50 percent. This technology helps our organization to build global trust for Nigerian businesses through irrefutable data on goods manufactured in the country.

It is all magical as Nigeria remains dark with no clear roadmap in the foreseeable future.

Africa is dark with no power

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