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Nigeria, Let’s Help On Fuel Subsidy Monitoring With Technology

Nigeria, Let’s Help On Fuel Subsidy Monitoring With Technology

Now that Nigeria plans to amend the oil industry law to extend the petrol subsidies (sorry IMF), it is time to digitize this downstream sector. I offer to help Nigeria build a transparent, robust and real-time integrated petrol distribution and monitoring system. I will drop sensors in every fuel truck, fuel tank and depot, linking all via GSM to a database, and using GIS data, connect the elements. The end result: you have full visibility on volume, consumption, etc at any point in the nation.

I will install LCD monitors for all LGAs chairmen, governors and Presidency to have real time data of petrol consumed, quantity in all jurisdictional fuel stations, quantity coming to their domains, depot capacity, etc.

This project will be delivered within 6 months. We have the technologies via eonfleet, TradeGrid, FuelFacts and Zenvus. These are our portfolio companies and we will fix this problem for Nigeria. I expect savings of about 20-30% if we do this: “The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has presented a bill of N3 trillion to the federal executive council (FEC), as payment for petrol subsidy in 2022”

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Nigeria, can you challenge us on this?

Nigeria Approves N3 Trillion for 2022 Petrol Subsidy, Compounding Budget Deficit


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2 THOUGHTS ON Nigeria, Let’s Help On Fuel Subsidy Monitoring With Technology

  1. So, you want to cut off the economic bandits feeding fat from subsidy scams? They are not interested.

    The overfed creatures in the House of Representatives are talking about ‘investigating’ the quantity of petrol consumed in the land, as if it just started yesterday, that tells you the quality of people we have been wasting money on, servicing their illegal needs and desires. After squandering more money via sham investigation, they will publish a report, make recommendations, and everyone will return to their seats.

    Can Madam Finance Minister hear you? Obviously none there is interested in any useful and practical solution, they just want to satisfy the demands of IMF and co, not that they are really bothered; now they want a subsidy budget that would take them through the end of the regime, the potato is too hot for them to handle.

    If you install those monitors, they will still steal them within days, and then tell you that they couldn’t have visibility on the consumption level, it’s very difficult to advise or help criminally minded creatures, only elimination works in their case.

    What we have here are people with broken legs, but neither want surgery nor physiotherapy. A thieving bunch.

  2. These are the type of proposals that should be made to go viral through young Nigeria’s social media handles. This proposal should be discussed on all social media forums, TV and Radio programs. Let the legislators, The governor forum, The LGA chairmen and of course the presidency tell Nigerians why such an offer should not be accepted.

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