Nigeria Savings And Investment Platform, FundBae Hits Milestone Of 50,000 Users

Nigeria Savings And Investment Platform, FundBae Hits Milestone Of 50,000 Users

FundBae, Nigeria’s Savings and investment platform, has recently hit a major milestone of having 50,000 users. The start-up has indeed been helpful to a lot of Nigerians, by helping them to preserve wealth through its value, offerings, savings, investors, and payment.

Its simple and flexible use has helped its users to build and sustain a good savings habit. FundBae disclosed that since its inception, it has paid a sum of N14,000,000 in interest, over N2 billion in the volume of transactions, and about 40,000 in transaction count.

FundBae has always ensured that its users get the maximum satisfaction they deserve from using the app, which reflects in its preference for user-centered product development.

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At the beginning of 2022, in a bid to ensure user satisfaction, the team got to work, by improving service delivery and enriching the functionality of the product to make onboarding simpler and the user journey quicker.

The solution was drafted which saw the team work relentlessly to create one of the most adaptable apps that gratified the evolving lifestyle of its users. After many weeks of hard work and improving the app, the team officially launched the latest 2.5 version of the FundBae app.

The new upgraded version (FundBae 2.5) according to the team has the true definition of digital financial flexibility. It addressed customers’ pain points and it is faster to navigate. The app has a beautiful UI/UX design that is very appealing to its users, and they also get to enjoy seamless navigation.

The upgraded version offers so many amazing features to its users, like; fast interbank transfers to third parties, Fundbae users can transfer funds to another Fundbelae user at zero cost, users can get to pay recurring bills quickly and safely, without any hassle.

The simpler and faster onboarding process was done to eliminate bottlenecks faced by users when they login to the platform. Also, Fundbae users can now upgrade their tier or savings level on the app.

The app provides its users with referral links that they can use to earn extra money when they refer friends and family to the app. It operates a strong security system, to ensure safe and secure transactions to prevent users from the risk of falling into the hand of scammers.

This means that customers have no worries about the risk of losing their funds, as FundBae has given them the assurance that their funds are safe. It is also interesting to know that FundBae now features a US-Dollar-denominated savings plan.

In fact, looking at all the amazing features customers get to enjoy by using the FundBae app, permit me to say that this app is not only here to stay, but will give other fintech apps a run for their money. They have ticked if not all the boxes that are required to attract customers to use the app.

The app not only meets the needs of its customers, but also their perceptions, which is key to staying relevant in today’s market. The recent cases of fraudulent activities going on in banks, which has seen a rise in customers complaining of missing funds, have no doubt  increased the fear of people saving money in the bank.

FundBae has however offered a very good option for its users, and the app is also transforming lives, by giving ordinary individuals the power to meet their savings goal target, without the fear of losing money.

This savings plan will no doubt help individuals save seamlessly towards achieving their dreams. I also love the fact that the app constantly evolves, giving its users every reason not to look elsewhere. It doesn’t come as a surprise at all that FundBae hit a major milestone of 50,000 users, because looking at all the amazing features they have to offer its users, the app will no doubt record higher milestones.

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