Nigeria – Where Everyone Is A Victim!

Nigeria – Where Everyone Is A Victim!

Do we assume that Buhari has lost Nigeria or that Nigeria has moved ahead of him. I have never seen anything like this. I mean, the Attorney General of the FEDERATION, the other day, addressed press men in Hausa language. But that briefing was not a casual snake swallowing naira, or one man holding 50 debit cards, but this was the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu.  In other words, he knew the briefing would be massively distributed. But he decided to speak in a tribal language which is not a lingua franca.

As everyone remains flummoxed how Nigeria was able to arrest Kanu when we have not challenged bandits, killer herdsmen, unknown gunmen, etc with the same alacrity, the rally today in Lagos adds a new dimension. Then, I ask: what is going on with Nigeria?

Who can redirect Nigeria? I had expected Prof Osinbajo to be the voice of reason but he seems totally disintermediated. Fractures are building that EVERYONE is claiming to be a victim. Whenever that happens, bad things usually follow. Why is Nigeria offending everyone at the same time?

As they say, if you sin against God, you have a chance. But if you sin against Satan, you are gone.  Mr. Buhari, you need to rise up and do your job. You must Sir with all due respect.


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One thought on “Nigeria – Where Everyone Is A Victim!

  1. Buhari is antiquated, and he’s never a fan of personal development, he never improved on what he used to be. How did he become a president in contemporary time? He had been contesting, but never won, until the real enemies of the people got involved and foisted him on Nigerians. The opportunity cost of his presidency is not quantifiable.

    Leadership of a complex country like Nigeria isn’t for someone who’s perpetually angry or who possesses unforgiving spirit; hatred is a very dangerous vice, and it’s too glaring in this regime. Mean spirited people can never make good leaders, even their best intentions will still result in misfortunes, because they are neither favoured by the gods nor seasons.

    Why are so many unhappy, and what are their demands? The things people are agitating for here and there, are they untenable and what are the options? These are some of the questions any decent leader should be reflecting on, and making moves to get things done. The state is disintegrating, confidence in constituted authority has hit rock bottom, yet some creatures somehow believe that leadership is measured by number physical infrastructures you build. If not for ego and personal aggrandizement, what is really more important?



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