Nigerian Developers Prefer Android – A Study Finds 50%


Caution: This is not a scientific data. This is more of raise your hands study. The data was gathered by Fasmicro contingent during yesterday Mobile Monday Lagos. Yet, it is not far from the truth. Google is pushing Android to a level never imagined.


If we have to ask a question without all the science in data collection: where do you think people will go and find that answer? Mobile Monday. So, if they raised their hands as they did, we think that is a valid study. We thank Fasmicro Emeka Nwankwo for supplying this data. He was there live and quickly ran the numbers.


The questions and the answers:

What Platforms are you going to develop for?
Nokia 35%

Android 50%,

RIM 20%

iPhone 2%

(Note some developers opted for multiple Platforms)
What mobile phones do you use?
Rim 40%

Nokia 50%

Android 8%

iPhone 2%

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