The African Web Summit Comes To Lagos – Sept 14/15

A 2-day event packed full of seminars, workshops and networking sessions all given by industry relevant business leaders and world renowned speakers from multi-national companies including representatives from Google, Facebook, Twitter and IBM.


The African Web Summit is a Social Media, Technology and Digital Conference that aims to be a driving force in the digital revolution on the Continent of Africa. The conference’s focus is to increase the digital and technological confidence of African business leaders, in line with other ‘Developed Countries’. The AWS will have keynote speakers, networking and workshops. Some of the topics explored will particular relevant for Startups/Entrepreneurs, Social Media/iMarketing professionals and Gaming and Software Developers. There has been substantial interest from the Banking industry, Mobile Technology and Venture Capitalist as well.


The conference will be held in Lagos on Sept 14-15, 2011


We like this statement credited to an Ericsson executive

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“Africa is on the cusp of a major revolution powered by mobile broadband. Since the late 90s, mobile telephony has substantially changed market dynamics on the continent and rekindled an almost forgotten spirit of free market enterprise in our economies. With the advent of social media, we are beginning to see Africa take the lead in utilizing the web in previously unknown ways – you only have to look to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Ivory Coast to see the potential being unlocked. At the inaugural edition of the African Web Summit we have a major opportunity to explore some of these triggers and forecast what will be the barriers and drivers to a web driven 21st Century Africa. You have to be there.”


Simply, the objectives of this conference are as follows:

  • To educate, showing companies and individuals the value of Social Media as an advertising and branding tool.
  • To aid in the Digital Revolution of African as an emerging market.
  • To inform as a means of sharing news worthy information and a device news agencies and individuals can use to circumvent the perceived failures of rolling 24hr news.
  • To run various workshops for startups, software and game developers and iMarketing
  • To continue the digital awareness of a continent trying to keep up with the rest of the developed nations. (The Egyptian revolution comes to mind.)
  • To promote investments in the African technology sector.

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