How Nigerian government can create one million jobs in 2017

How Nigerian government can create one million jobs in 2017

We do think there is a very easy short cut for Nigeria to create one million jobs in 2017. It is possible and here is how.

Few months ago, Alibaba announced plans for a million-teenager army. The Chinese e-commerce giant plans to train youths in rural areas to start their own online businesses. Alibaba will provide funds and set up partnerships with the China Communist Youth League as part of its efforts, according to state-owned media.

E-commerce, whose development is strongly backed by China’s leadership, is spreading quickly in rural China with more farmers selling their produce online.

Premier Li Keqiang included e-commerce expansion when he laid out his “Internet Plus” strategy in an address last week at China’s annual parliamentary meeting in Beijing.

In villages, service stations have been set to help those who lack the necessary skills to trade online. Villagers can order goods at the stations and then return a few days later to collect their packages, Xinhua said.

Nigeria Government could do similar things in Nigeria and help put youth at work. These young people will become the Postal Service we do not have. So they become vehicles for Konga, Jumia etc and organic postal system we do not have. With them, e-commerce goes nationwide just like that instead of being restricted to the big cities of Lagos, Abuja, PHC and few others.

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