Nigerian Imo Udom, Co-Founder, Ovia – The World’s Best Asynchronous Video Interview Platform


Ovia was selected as one of the 500 startups programme in the US  this year. It is an amazing idea where people conduct interviews asynchronously.


Ovia has built a platform for asynchronous video interviews — that is, interviews where both parties don’t necessarily have to be present at the same time. It works like this: A recruiter or hiring manager records a set of questions for candidates and then determines how much time those candidates have to answer each one. They typically then send an email with a link to the interview, where candidates record their responses to questions.


OVIA™ is an Online Video Interview Application that allows hiring teams to automatically interview candidates over the web. Through eliminating the hassle and logistical burden of setting up an excessive number of early stage interviews, OVIA allows you to focus on the candidates that truly have the professional and soft-skills your organization needs. You can reduce the time it takes to evaluate potential candidates by more than 70% – with OVIA™ it can take as little as 5 minutes to evaluate someone instead of interviewing every single candidate with a CV that matches your requirements.


This company has been getting a lot of buzz in the blogsphere. But yes many Nigerians do not know that we have a guy in that midst. He is Imo Udom, one of the co-founders of the buzzing startup. Ok, he is a Nigerian by  perhaps, his parents but all his life seemed to be outside Nigeria. He studied his secondary school in UK and attended the prestigious University of Pennsylvania for Bsc and Msc. It is not true he is a Nigerian except that he has a Nigerian origin. The guy could play at any level with those backgrounds. No Nigerian academic background and evaluating his success is not fair to say a Nigerian! Checkout his Linkedin! and it is like someone from the Ivy League. So creating Ovia must not be an overkill for his caliber. That is how we see am.

Keep on our guy, just open an office in Lagos next year. We need any job we can get in this country.


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