Nigerian Silicon Valley – Ikeja Computer Village?

When last did you visit the Nigeria Silicon Valley(really), albeit the Ikeja Computer Village?  Have you seen any improvement in the quality of the production and knowledge generation?

The truth remains that the Ikeja Computer Village is not producing any major knowledge. It is still dominated by trade and distribution. We think the federal government should examine that cluster and give it a roadmap so that it can develop in the right direction.

From sale of pirated software to phone, Nigeria needs to clear that image that this place could be our hope to develop, creatively, in the digital world. We need something better and now is the time to begin that process.

With the likes of  IT World Limited, , Slot Systems, Gafunk, Tripplesea, Capitol, Brian Integrated Systems,  etc providing employments and other opportunities in this place, we challenge the government to assist ICT firms in this place to take their visions to the next level. A key element is a constant power supply which can help them to invest in the development than mere sales and distribution. Let it be understood that this is a cluster and requires special consideration from government.

But do not be deceived people, the Nigerian Silicon Village is in Obasanjo Space Center, Abuja. You do not expect Computer Village with illiterates to lead Nigeria. Nigerian government is doing something great in Abuja with NiComSat and NASENI and that is what we must refer as our valley.

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