Nigerians, Get Your National Identity Number (NIN) from NIMC

Nigerians, Get Your National Identity Number (NIN) from NIMC

That is the world’s finest fighter – Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua – getting his National Identity Number (NIN) from the Federal Government of Nigeria, via NIMC (National Identity Management Commission). I got mine four years ago and did it the old fashioned way, queued and waited for 90 minutes. Though I am yet to get the permanent ID card, the number itself does not expire. I practically have not used it for anything but I did as a sign to help government work. 

Joshua might have received some red carpet treatments for his enrolment, yet, that he did it is the very reason why everyone has to do it. His simplicity, Nigerian-ness and optimism about Nigeria should inspire us to help the government on basic things, as citizens. Joshua is a real king in his game, and there is nothing anyone could imagine why he needs NIN for. But living in the UK, he understands the purpose of having order for societies to function.

NIN is FREE and if you budget 2 hours, in most cities, you will get it. I am not saying that 2 hours is a small time but people need to comply. You do not do things just because they benefit you, but because your actions could improve the society. Our strongest rope is determined by the weakest knot; Nigerians have to help the government especially when things are FREE.

NIN if implemented will advance Nigeria, from education to healthcare. Get yours today!


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