Nigeria’s 2021 Spending Regime – And Top 5 Corporate Tax Payers

Nigeria’s 2021 Spending Regime – And Top 5 Corporate Tax Payers

If they ask me to moderate a debate among Obi, Atiku and Tinubu, I will give them this chart – and then give them 10 minutes to return with an answer! Lol. If you are a startup looking for funds in Tekedia Capital and your numbers look like this, you will not pass our first phase.

Largely, under this financial spending regime, you have really nothing to leverage or compound because you are trapped! A personnel cost that much must at least generate 10x its value if you have a productivity mantra in that company. Then, the debts must be dealt with.

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Top Tax Payers

Nigeria is very lucky that Aliko Dangote was born in Nigeria. Dangote Group* pays more tax than all the banks and insurance companies combined! When the refinery business begins, the Group may pay more than 30% of Nigeria’s non-oil tax. Every citizen should respect what this man has done for the nation. This man’s impact is generation-shaping. See Nigeria’s Federal Government 2023 Budget of Fiscal Consolidation & Transition and think of executors in market

  • Group, not just the cement business.


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