Nigeria’s FRSC Needs To Improve

Nigeria’s FRSC Needs To Improve

I love it when the government officials carry out their duties diligently and faithfully. If I break the rule, deal with me. But sometimes I think they need to be taught empathy and emotional intelligence. Most of these government officials lack these things. To make it worse, they are so corrupt.

I wrote about corruption in the country in my previous article, which is something I am going to talk about today after witnessing another corrupt practice from an FRSC official with the official number – 18411 in Ibadan.

I was driving down to church on Sunday, 15th of September, when I was stopped by the FRSC officials along Bodija-UI road, Ibadan. I was charged for a traffic offence which I admitted because the person sitting beside me wasn’t using the seat belt. I asked for the next step, he demanded 2000 naira from me, or else I will be taken to their office where I’ll be booked 8000 naira for my offence.

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I tried to explain and even told him that I admitted my wrong. After all, he could see that I was using the seat belt. He wasn’t interested in my plea and his crew never helped the matter.

”Book him!” That was what one of them said.

They were three standing by the roadside and stopping almost every vehicle passing by. They find fault in almost everyone they stopped and demanded a certain sum of money to release them or they’ll be taken to their station where they will get booked.

Although I paid him a sum of 2000 naira, I had no choice at the moment. If I refused to pay, I will be taken to the station, and my car would be seized. Since banks don’t work on Sunday, it means I can’t pay till Monday.

He pocketed the money and gave me my documents.

However, I looked at his chest and picked his official number. The last five digits of his official number are 18411. I couldn’t see his name clearly but I’m very sure of his official number and also he works in Ibadan.

I wish the government would look into this and deal with him and his team.

It makes no sense when government officials intimidate citizens and also cheat on the government. The money should have been credited into the government accounts but they took it. We have many more scenarios like that from these FRSC officials.

Shame on them!!!

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One thought on “Nigeria’s FRSC Needs To Improve

  1. In other words you bribed him! Under duress? Yes, but still technically you bribed an official since you had the option of clearing yourself legally by going to their office.

    All the same the official should be made to regret the action.


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