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Nigeria’s Great Exodus: 73% Want To Relocate Abroad, Survey Shows

Nigeria’s Great Exodus: 73% Want To Relocate Abroad, Survey Shows

It took the efforts of the secret Police to stop those who came to recruit Nigerian doctors to give up a few weeks ago. Some Nigerian doctors are still on strike and the government is still speaking grammar when citizens are dying daily due to lack of healthcare services. It is very unfortunate indeed: “More than 7 in 10 Nigerians (73 per cent) have said they would relocate abroad with family members if they had an opportunity, a new survey published this week has found.”

“Most of the citizens (74 per cent) believe that all Nigerians are not equal before the law; versus 23 per cent who feel otherwise. About 6 in 10 Nigerians (58 per cent) express the view that the federal government isn’t making enough effort to promote a sense of inclusion for all ethnic groups in the country,” a summary of the report further showed.

“The survey findings showed that only 63 per cent of citizens are “extremely or somewhat willing” to cooperate with fellow citizens to make Nigeria more united.

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Nigeria is the only country where everyone is a victim. It took the efforts of the Chief Justice to warn the judges to stop the mindless counterintuitive political calls they have been making recently. Yes, 1+1 = 2; one judge will rule. Another from another place will call it 3. Simply, you wonder how a nation can be run that way. From law to healthcare to sports to [add yours], it is a domino!


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2 THOUGHTS ON Nigeria’s Great Exodus: 73% Want To Relocate Abroad, Survey Shows

  1. If you go to the US and conduct the same survey, excluding that of wanting to emigrate, the result will be similar to that of Nigerians. The way those on the Right feel about America is hugely different from how those on the Left feel, and you begin to wonder if they live in different nations.

    In Nigeria, an average northerner believes more in Nigeria than an average southerner, by this, I do not mean the elite or those who draw special benefits from Nigeria, but the fact is that a northerner has a stronger belief that Nigeria will succeed than a southerner; same applies to emigration, more from the south than north. Why is it so? So many factors, both real and imaginary. The finer details are too many, but I will not go into that.

    No matter how capable or successful you are in a place, if you still lack belief and faith in the place, you will never be satisfied, and you will keep feeling like a stranger. More of those from southern part lack belief in Nigeria, even when they are more capable and successful, but they still feel more dissatisfied than their northern counterparts. It’s a mind thing.

    Nigeria cannot carry the load we heap on her, we demand more from Nigeria than we give her, yet expect her to satisfy all our desires. From education sector to healthcare, everyone wants a better pay, but what is not clear is where all the money will come from…

    You want a livable and prosperous Nigeria? It demands massive sacrifices that none of those asking for pay rise or looking for where to emigrate will be ready to make; building a great nation isn’t cheap.

    The politicians are deceitful, the citizens lack belief, so the frustration and disappointment continue…

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