Nigeria’s Moment – “A New Contract With Nigeria”

Nigeria’s Moment – “A New Contract With Nigeria”

Unless you crack the shell of the periwinkle, you will not get the cryolite. Covid-19 will redesign ordinances in global health as America pumps excess of $2 trillion into its economy. New vistas would be pursued and a new age of dominance would emerge. The market crash of the late 1990s gave us over-the-cloud services at scale. The crash of 2009 brought the age of the sharing economy. The crash of 2020 will bring a new dawn. I predict predictive and personalized medicine; coronavirus has essentially pushed more funds into health.

President Buhari can elevate the minds of Nigerians and push them to see an unbounded future. Mr. President can give us a New Contract With Nigeria which all citizens of this nation can unite to accomplish.

As we have this virus that attacks the poor, rich, developed and developing, leveling the curves for all humans, Nigerian elites have a moment: unlock the nation and architect a new redesign towards an inclusive, hopeful and prosperous nation. 

This is the season for the demonstration of immense intelligence, competence, and pragmatism before citizens, towards stimulating more vibrancy in the private sector and moving the public sector out of its stasis. 

A New Contract With Nigeria will bring restoration. This is time to build confidence and re-image our nation through enacting fundamental reforms in capital markets, education, and healthcare because Covid-19 will restructure the architecture of globalization and Nigerians will quickly understand that there is “no place like home”. After all, Berlin and London doctors are not missing us anymore

Where am I going? Today, the same clinics and doctors we have failed to deepen their capabilities are now the elements which are going to treat ALL patients, big and small. Unlike in the past, where London and Berlin clinics and doctors would have helped, coronavirus has offered only a choice to everyone: Nigerian doctors and clinics. Of course, London and Berlin clinics are not missing us. This is a moment to reset on healthcare.

As citizens of this nation, everyone must be ready to follow, because in the darkest of the nights, the days break with the songs of the crickets and nightingales. Ututu oma.  Ina kwana. E kaaro. It must be a good morning, in Nigeria, for ALL.

Nigeria’s Reset Moment on Healthcare


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One thought on “Nigeria’s Moment – “A New Contract With Nigeria”

  1. A New Contract With Nigeria? When the simplest of things, like holding regular press conference is such a premium for the president? You go from the known to the unknown, it’s impossible for someone who obviously feels uncomfortable with regular interactions with Nigerians to engineer or inspire such a renaissance. There is a limit to expectations, it’s not the despair that kills, but rather the hope!

    Just for asking, where is the president or what his plans are, a lot of people within the power circle frown at you, as if government has become a secret cult, where you dare not question what’s going on in there. We cannot move beyond the base level with this mentality.

    Again, you mentioned immense intelligence, pragmatism and co, these are not what you find within the ruling class, so it sounds utopian to me anyway.

    Our problem is not much about whether we have limited capabilities or resources, rather it’s more of the fact we don’t even know what we don’t know, and it makes it extremely difficult to help such people.

    The average politician here is still hoping for the fallen oil price to rise, so that business will continue as usual. They travel in and out of Nigeria as if it costs nothing, now it has become clearer.


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