Nigeria’s Wragby Solutions Wins Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award

Nigeria’s Wragby Solutions Wins Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award

When it comes to entrepreneurial capitalism, Nigerian tech companies are emerging and competing at the highest level. During 2019 Microsoft Inspire Award Event in Las Vegas, USA, a Nigerian company, Wragby Solutions, was awarded Microsoft Country Partner of the Year. I have spent time in this Lagos-based innovation powerhouse, and witnessed firsthand the brilliance Nigeria can give the world.

Wragby Solutions is building software solutions of the future with A.I. (artificial intelligence), accelerating innovation across different nexus of Nigeria’s industrial sectors. Meeting the young people at the heart of this redesign elevates my unbounded optimism on the promise in Nigeria. From business solutions to elemental components of cloud platform and application infrastructure, they have built and building the pieces to drive productivity and reduce technology frictions for markets. 

I congratulate Wragby not just for being the best Microsoft Partner in the world but for the amazing homegrown technologies for different sectors of the African economy: Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Modern Workplace, and Business Solutions.

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For all the solutions from Wragby, the SME Productivity which makes it possible for SMEs to purchase Microsoft solutions in Naira, and in piecemeal, is superb. Software accelerates productivity, and by making it easier for companies to have access to productivity tools, Wragby is powering efficiency across sectors and markets in the nation.

To learn more about Wragby, visit here.

Wragby Team after winning the award
I spent time in Wragby in H1 2019

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