Nkyea Twi Phrasebook Brings Ghanian Language, Twi, To A New Level

Nkyea Twi Phrasebook is an interactive Twi language learning app. Twi is is the principal native language of Ghana.


The app is packed with more than a 1000 audio words and phrases organized in 16 different categories. You can easily search for a word or phrase in English and have the app instantly say it in Twi for you.


The improved recording feature allows you to record, playback and compare your recording with the native speaker to help you improve your fluency.


Also, if you find a phrase you would like to share with a friend, there are a plethora of ways to do so. You can share words and phrases on Facebook and Twitter or by email with the Twi sound file attached to it or you can send it by SMS.


It was developed by Nkyea Systems


Nkyea Learning Systems is home to talented and experienced software engineers and linguists who create African language-learning software products.


If you are eager to explore Africa and understand its diversity, if you have your mind set on learning African languages, and if you understand the power of effective communication, then you’ve come to the right place! Travelers, businesspeople and language learners cannot help appreciating the products Nkyea Learning Systems has to offer.

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