Nokia Sets Its Sights On Emerging Markets

Nokia has decided to flex its muscle in the low- to mid-range mobile phone market by coming out with three new affordable Smartphones. It is undeniable that this particular market segment has gained steam over the past few years and manufacturers have definitely taken notice. On their end, the Finnish mobile manufacturer intends to launch a trio of reasonably-priced Smartphones that should fit any type of budget.


On the list are the C6, E5, and the C3, all of which will retail for less than £200. Among the three, the C6 is definitely the cheapest with a price tag of only £80. The E5?s retail price is doubled at £160, while the C6 is the priciest among the three at roughly £190. All three handsets are expected to hit market stands throughout the second and third quarters of this year.


With these new line of Smartphones, the manufacturer aims to bring enhanced messaging and social networking features to the emerging markets. Market analyst Neil Mawston adds that the company’s “strategic focus is clearly on emerging markets now and taking higher feature devices to the masses and these three devices do that quite nicely.”

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Still Going Strong

For most, this particular move by the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer is no surprise. However, some may have been misled by statements they made last December claiming that they would start focusing more on the Smartphone industry. To others, this meant that the company would be coming out with cutting edge devices that hoped to top the likes of the Apple iPhone 3GS or the HTC Legend.


While they’re definitely doing their part in this particular sector, the company has also wisely chosen not to neglect emerging markets. They have also decided to create Smartphones that pack in a whole lot of features and have priced them at a much lower cost specifically catering to the low- to mid-range market segment.


While Apple and Blackberry (and now emerging from the shadows is HTC) offer stiff competition, Nokia still remains to be the strongest player in the game – all things put into consideration. One testament to this fact is the growth the company experienced in the Smartphone arena wherein their market share grew by 5 percent (from 35% to 45%) during the fourth quarter of 2009.


A Look at the Handsets

As mentioned earlier, the C3 is the cheapest among the three models at only £ 80. Some of its notable features include a 2.4-inch screen, a functional 2-Megapixel camera, and access to the Ovi Chat and Ovi Mail which will let first-time users create their own chat and e-mail accounts straight from their handset even without the use of a desktop computer.


Wi-Fi is also on board the device which means that users won’t have any problems using the social networking apps on the mobile and access their Facebook and Twitter accounts with apparent ease.


What differentiates the C6 is its slide-out QWERTY keyboard which slots out from the side. If the keyboard is hidden from view, it actually looks a lot like the XpressMusic 5230 which proves that this particular handset also caters to a younger target market.


On the other hand, the E5 lives up to the E series reputation in that it is catered more for the corporate consumer. For proof of this fact, one would only need to look at its built-in apps such as IBM Lotus Notes Traveller and Mail for Exchange which will give users access to more than 90% of the whole world’s corporate electronic messages.


by Simon Drew

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