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Nokia Unveils New Logo, Rebrands to B2B Tech Firm

Nokia Unveils New Logo, Rebrands to B2B Tech Firm

Multinational telecommunications company Nokia has recently unveiled its new logo as it rebrands into a B2B tech firm.

The company’s latest brand which is being rolled out across its sites and assets will see it accelerate into the next phase of its strategy to deliver sustainable profitable growth.

During the unveiling of its new logo at the mobile world congress MWC) in Barcelona, Nokia’s CEO Pekka Lundmark said, “There was the association to the smartphones, and nowadays, we are a business technology company.”

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He also wrote via a blog post, “Today is another milestone. We are updating our strategy, and, as a key enabler, we are also refreshing our brand to reflect who we are today: a B2B technology innovation leader pioneering the future where networks meet cloud”.

Our updated company strategy is supported by our technology strategy, which details how networks will need to evolve to meet the demands of the metaverse era. As the world increasingly relies on connectivity, the qualities of traditional networking will be required to integrate with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

These are networks that go beyond connecting people and things. They’re adaptable, autonomous, and consumable, with the potential to bring the transformative power of networking to every industry. We are well-positioned to lead this evolution in networks through our technology leadership and best-of-breed portfolio across fixed, mobile, and cloud.”

He further stated that Nokia’s updated technology strategy details its evolution to meet the metaverse era’s demands. “The signal is very clear. We only want to be in businesses where we can see global leadership,” he added.

After launching the first internet-enabled phone in 1996 and by the start of the millennium, for years, Nokia was the talk of the town ensuring user satisfaction with its globally recognized mobile phones.

Soon after the company began to decline visibly, as analysts disclosed that the Finnish company failed to take advantage of the Android bandwagon. When mobile phone manufacturers were busy improving and working on their smartphones, Nokia remained reluctant to follow the trend.

After realizing the market trends, Nokia introduced its Symbian operating system, however, it was too late by that time, as Apple and Samsung had already dominated the market with their smartphones.

Nokia’s sales plummeted massively which saw the mobile phone maker unable to survive on its own. At the same time, Apple and Samsung were making significant strides in innovation and technological developments as they became the preferred options for consumers.

Unfortunately, it was too late for Nokia to adapt to the dynamic and rigorous changes in the market, as it had already been displaced from being a dominant force in the smartphone market.

With its recent entry into the B2B market, the company has disclosed that it only wants to be in businesses where it can see global leadership. The company has said it is focused on further acceleration through tech leadership, broadening the share of enterprises within its customer mix, and seizing opportunities from sectors outside mobile devices.

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