Now Flippii Is Public. Flipp Your Ideas and Build Teams

We are checking out the teams that participated in Garage48 Lagos. Today, it is Flippii (good name, guys). It seems the team is not showing anything publicly. Guys, post a message on the site and let us know what you are up to. Tekedia hopes that one of these firms in Garaga48 will have success.


Hold ON. That was our post few weeks ago.


Flippii is not ready and open to the public. With Flippii, you can flipp your ideas, and get to meet people interested in them, share your interests and plan on collaborating or supporting your ideas..


Flippi is a creation of Garage48 Lagos. A little story about Garage48 courtesy of their site


Many people are afraid to start their own business. Common issues – lack of know-how and co-founders, lack of seed money, afraid of risks etc. Garage48 is here to change that mindset and show that it’s all about positive attitude, creative team members and a motivating deadline. Less talk, more action!

Garage48 events started in Estonia in April 2010 and have expanded to other countries in Northern Europe and Africa since then. All Garage48 events are held in English and have about 100 participants from different countries. Participants have different skills, ranging from software development to design, marketing and management.

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