Now You Can Gist As Much As You Want – Nigerian Startup, Gistcaster, Provides The Platform. Watch Out Nairaland

Africans by nature like talking. We talk a lot and do not like writing. If not, why did the Africans not invent a way of writing until the colonial masters came? Except the Ethiopians, only the colonial lords saved us in that regard.


Now, we can continue that tradition of talking. Thanks to Giscaster. Gistcaster is a new robust real-time communication tool which has been described by many as Twitter-done-right and some went further to call it a Twitter-killer. Hmm???
Gistcaster took the basic idea of status updates and extended it into full conversations – No 140 character limit, Full commenting system, Geo location, Groups, and superb privacy settings which lets you decide who-sees-what on a per post basis!  Gistcaster is built around info sharing and discovery based on your current location or from your friends.. that way the fun never stops!


And the good one: Gistcaster is 100% FREE to use, No strings attached, although it might be a good idea to check out Terms of service and Privacy Policy. Freedom? Yes,  Hmmmmmm, on Gistcaster, a gist is anything you post, either text, photos or videos.. A gist is every new conversation.


We wish the guys good luck and hope they execute their plans very well.

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