Nvidia Is Redesigning Computing With Volta, Deep Learning Institute And Dev Communities

Nvidia Is Redesigning Computing With Volta, Deep Learning Institute And Dev Communities

Intel Corp has a huge competitor. Nvidia is out to do in computing what software giants like Google and Apple did. It wants to bring developers in ways that apps makers support Google Play and Apple Store. That is the only way to succeed in the machine learning world and Nvidia wants to lead in the hardware aspect of that market.

Machine learning is sparking a new era in computing, according to Nvidia’s chief executive, who hopes that his latest GPU, Volta, becomes its favorite fuel.

The Volta announcement was the centerpiece of a two-hour keynote at GTC on “Powering the AI Revolution.” The annual Nvidia event attracted a record of more than 7,000 attendees, thanks to rising interest in using an expanding array of neural networks across a broadening horizon of applications from agriculture to pharmaceuticals and public safety.

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Nvidia’s graphics processors hold a strong position in training neural nets for machine learning. “Every single cloud company in the world has Nvidia GPUs provisioned for a cloud service,” said founder and CEO, Jensen Huang.

Transforming Computing

Deep learning is “transforming computing” is the message that Nvidia hopes to hammer home at its GPU Tech conference. On that theme, Nvidia has styled itself as a firebrand, catalyst and deep learning enabler and — in the long run — a deep profiteer.

Among the telltale signs that Nvidia is betting its future on this branch of artificial intelligence (AI) is the recent launch of its “Deep Learning Institute,” with plans increase the number of developers to 100,000 this year. Nvidia trained 10,000 developers in deep learning in 2016.

Over the last few years, AI has made inroads into “all parts of science,” said Greg Estes, Nvidia’s vice president responsible for developer programs. AI is becoming an integral component of “all applications ranging from cancer research, robotics, manufacturing to financial services, fraud detection and intelligent video analysis,” he noted.

Nvidia needs to consider Nigeria and support the local companies like Zenvus. We will be happy to use its chips in future Zenvus designs.

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