Obama 2012 Strategy – Facebook, Youtube, FourSquare and Twitter

It is no news – Obama has filed paperwork to contest the 2012 election. And he announced it. How? The digital way, of course. He emailed, he youtubed, he tweeted, and what have you!

And he is lucky. Why?

Tekedia  is very much convinced that Obama will win his second term as American President.

Our political permutation has been for the Republicans to take control of the House so that the blames will be shared. Without that, Obama WILL not win his second term.

It is going to be similar to the time of  Bill Clinton when he was on the verge of losing his second term based on the issues in his first term. Then suddenly, the Republicans took control of congress and Americans were able to distribute the blame. Clinton survived and won re-election.

With the results of last election, Obama cannot be a happier man. Now, he can argue that the Republicans are to be blamed, also. Do not be deceived, the economy is not getting better anytime soon, especially the job market. Why? The future of commerce and industry does not look like the one where many people will be employed. As technology improves productivity, the world will witness major dislocations in job market.

This has nothing to do with creating jobs. It just that the jobs are not created to hire humans, but machines. As more firms take their services to the web, where automation rules, more people will continue to look for jobs. The reality is that companies are creating opportunities, but productivity and machines are taking them over humans.

Ask yourself the last time you heard of the word “typist”. Most were trained in that field, but word processing applications have made us better typists than the pros. Do we still have the professional photo studios? All these fields will phase out in coming years as technology penetrates and people do these jobs themselves.

The world is being redesigned.

Yet, and forget the economics – Obama will win with Facebook , Youtube,  Foursquare and Twitter. He has hired social media consultants. A new Obama 2012 app is coming that can target you and give you all the statistics you need. By geographically mapping, it is possible they will know how to micro-target you. This election, forget the facts, it is social media that will do all the things.

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